Dissing blacks and hispanics

So the four Republican front runners didn’t show up at a debate held at a black college and moderated by a black commentator, quelle surprise!  Of course they aren’t going to show up why would they?  The Republicans have concluded that black people always vote democratic regardless of the issues, we can’t or don’t think ourselves (even though Bill O’Reilly tried to tell them differently) we will  just do what we’ve always done and vote democratic and that we cannot be convinced otherwise so even showing up at an event sponsored by black organizations isn’t worth it.

It seems that Republican political strategy dictates for them to disavow most ethnic and racial segments of the American population with a few small exceptions in particular the Cuban communities in Florida because this will show their base that they are with them (white males) thus garnering votes and campain contributions. Shame.

Because the truth is that although black people in this society skew democratic they were cracks that could’ve  been exploited and that were quite significant pre Katrina and Hispanics across the board tend to be conservative and lean towards Republicans. However, if  Republicans continue to ‘diss’ black people and hispanics (the immigration debate is seen as anti-immigration and anti-hispanic in the hispanic communities) in the future when blacks and hispanics and other ethnic minorities today constitue the majority of the American population (if current demographic trends continue) Republicans will no longer be able to at least even have the oppotunity of becoming the majority party in congress let alone winning the presidency.

The Republican party needs to be revamped. Karl Rove, to his credit (and there’s not much I like about him) tried to do it he saw what I’m seeing that the Republican party cannot survive on white men alone. It must reach out to other ethnicities if they really do have a big tent then the door to that big tent must become wider and more open.

Republicans stress federalism, fiscal responsibility and less government interference these are issues which most people can be convinced of supporting, and listen this is coming from a black liberal, but if only white males will be allowed to lead and to hold significant positions within the party then hispanics and blacks will avoid supporting and becoming registered Republicans.

Embrace and survive or diss us at your own peril.


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