Another bad example

Rapper TI should go to jail. Period.

I want to plead with the judge..please, please send him to jail don’t give him bond and then when he’s tried and proven guilty he should go to prison for a long time.

I want an example to be made of him.

He’s an idiot who committed a serious illegal offence and this wouldn’t be the first time either he should have known better since he was in jail before and he should have been trying his best to avoid ever having to go back there. His family want to protect him for whatever reasons and the record execs want to protect their money maker.

I don’t care how talented he is I’m sick and tired of seeing black rappers, black sports stars and others in the entertainment field break the law and getting away with it and as a black person I am even more fed up because these individuals are contributing to the delinquency of countless others in the black community.

With their songs of violence and glorification of the ghetto and gangsta lifestyle. They aren’t just hurting themselves they are hurting us (black people) so instead of this being viewed as just another, ‘here we go again scenario’ I want him to be made an example of as well as any other person who comes after him who’s willing to so flagrantly break the law.

TI is a felon he knows what he was doing was illegal. I have no sympathy for him or others like him. You would think that after getting out of the ghetto these men and sometimes women would do their best not to get back there but instead it seems after attaining just a hint of affluence they do their best to head back there but as they say, “You can take a person out of the ghetto but you can’t take…

you know how it ends….

 Check out these stats on black males in prison and tell me if we need to hear another violent rap song?


8 thoughts on “Another bad example

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  2. Jonolan, I agree with you completely.

    I’ve always said the Crips and Bloods should be declared terrorists organisations. And we along with all black organizations should respond to them just as quickly as we respond to any other racial injustice.

    And just because the crimes are being committed by black people doesn’t make them any less heinous and results any less catastrophic.

    They are a plague on our communities and the should attacked and wiped out just as vigorously and the fact that rappers are glorifying this lifestyle sickens me.

  3. Actually I think that the crimes are more heinous and catastrophic because the crimes are being committed by black people upon black people. It both fuels racism and demoralizes everyone who is involved in trying to fix the situations.

  4. I agree with you mostly except your statement:

    “You would think that after getting out of the ghetto these men and sometimes women would do their best not to get back there…”

    Most of these cats want to ‘keep it real’ and so they go back to the hood and hang with the same misguided elements to appear as though they have not sold out. The thing is they should go back and should try to pull more brothers/sisters UP by their example. When those of us who have ‘made it’ leave the hood we create a void for those who are left behind. If we don’t do our best to reach those that we can, they hood will just keep spiraling down. I am no idiot, you can’t save everyone. But if we could touch one or two in a positive way then it is worth it. It is all about the ME generation now though so this will fall on deaf ears.

    People like you and I need to do our part to help educate our kids and rally together to get the record execs from putting some of this junk on the airwaves. If we start pulling together and pressuring the advertisers we can make a difference.

  5. I understand why people regardless of race, would want to ‘keep it real’ by remembering their friends and family they had BEFORE they made it or became rich.

    However, if ‘keeping it real’ means returning to the ghetto or poverty stricken areas in order to show that you’re still the same person you were before you made it and that YOU must embrace that lifestyle, values etc then why bother leaving in the first place because you’re never going to ‘be real’ if you don’t live in the ghetto, act ghetto and have ghetto friends and to me that’s ridiculous the fact remains that if you did make it you have either a special skill or talent that differentiates you from a lot of people in your social strata and instead of trying to deny it many of these young men and women should be trying to help those that don’t or will never be able to become rap stars or sports starts by guiding them towards professions in which they could become successful, i.e doctors, lawyers, businessmen/women, firemen, police, clerks the lists goes on and on and these are areas in which most people could excel and generate significant income for themselves and their families.

    In other countries millions try their best to escape from poverty and from the slums by any means necessary while here in America, it seems that if you came from a poor background in an effort to ‘keep it real’ with those from the old neigbourhood you have to run back there any chance they get in order to gain the approval of those who if they were able and capable of escaping should have left but obviously they aren’t and these types of people should not be embraced and held in high esteem by anyone including those who do live in the ghetto and are trying their best to survive and lead productive lives.

    I do agree with you that black entertainers and sports stars should be trying to pull others out of the ghetto even if they are kicking and screaming because this is the only way we are going to get even more significant numbers of African Americans into the middle class and into more professions where they can start generating wealth and status for their kids and future generations of African Americans who will not be so easily influence by the ‘junk on the airwaves’, flashy jewelry and cars and scantily clad women.

  6. I think too many people erroneously equate “keeping it real” with “maintaining street cred”. Black entertainers who strive to maintain a public persona that is similar to their pre-celebrity one are far different than the rappers who continue to engage in violent criminal behavior in order to maintain sales of their music which endorses and glorifies that same antisocial behavior!

  7. I agree with you Jonolan that they are TWO diffferent types of rappers out there, ones who do it solely for money and others who do if ‘for real’. Regardless of their motivations the results are the same, african american males have highest mortality rates, the highest incracerations rates and only 48% of African American males earn a high school diploma.

    And the fact remains that even though these black men may earn a high school diploma a lot of them graduate with only a 3rd or 4th grade reading level and they don’t attend college after graduating.

    And I know there’s a link between entertainment that glorifies the black ‘gangsta’ lifestyles and these horrific rates and it doesn’t matter if the rapper who is singing the songs and making the video is ‘keeping it real’ to mainitain his ‘street cred’ or doing it just for the money, the fact remains black young men are more likely to die younger, more violently than any other race in this country and that is unacceptable.

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