Sticks and stones…

Now I’m watching Chris Matthews and a few minutes ago he asked Congressmen Duncan Hunter, who also coincidentally represents San Diego, a Republican presidential candidate to explain the difference between the treatment the San Diego evacuees are receiving vs the treatment of those in New Orleans.

Less than a minute into his explaination he refers to the New Orleans evacuees as refugees, now there is a clear difference between the word evacuee and refugee, I list their meanings below both words conjure up different images you know it as well as I do and this is also what set the New Orleans evacuees and the New Orleans catastrophe apart from so called ordinary Americans for as long as it was and also helped to contribute to the feeling in many quarter throughout the African American community that the American government didn’t care about them because they weren’t being evacuated they were fleeing. Big difference.

I’m sure Hunter knows what he’s saying when he uses that term and I’m sure he doesn’t consider that evacuees where forced to flee because of the failure of their government.

Anyway, Hunter goes on to talk about how there is no looting going on in California that people have left there properties open and return to find everything as it should be, neighbors and taking care of neighbors..blase, blase, again I wonder if the situation had been reversed and the San Diegoans as he called them had been left for days on end without food or water, appropriate shelter and sanitary conditions for the living and the dead how long it would have taken them to have rioted and looted?

evacuee n. a person evacuated from a dangerous situation.

refugee n. one who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression or religious persecution.


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