Gone but never forgotten..


Dr. James Watson is gone. He has retired from his post at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

So he will no longer hold ‘an official’ position with the lab he founded and built but he still has an office and house on the laboratory’s property so he’s no longer ‘ofiicially’ with them but he’s still ‘with them’ you get me?  

But you know what I really didn’t care if he had stayed or resigned that mattered little he could have been a recluse that lived on the outskirts of a town in some remote part of Wisconsin who is known for scaring children and teenagers off his property with a shot gun for all I care because the fact remains that his words matter to so many because of what he accomplished not where he works or doesn’t work.

With a just a few words Mr.Watson came, he saw and he reaffirmed what countless millions of people in the US and around the globle think of black people, that we’re a dumb, child like people who can’t think for ourselves because we are incapable of doing so due to genetics or whatever reason he or others like him believe.

Glorified across the globe for his work with DNA Dr.Watson can now retire with pride for instead of being remembered for his accomplishment he shall be remembered for his stupidity and prejudice.

Well done sir! Well done!

You’ve made us all very proud!


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