Phony theories, facts, people, press conferences

Wow..this administration just gets better and better, if they aren’t voted the worst administration in history I’m sure they will be a secure runner up.

First they led us into a war based on phony theories and facts.

Then they allowed a hurricane to wreck havoc on one of our major cities by hiring phony people like Michael Brown to run major federal agencies. A man who before he became Director of FEMA was a judge for the Arabian Horse Association. A man whose resume was such BS that only one thing could be confirmed the fact that he was a mediocore lawyer at a firm for a couple of years.

And now they are holding phony press conferences, during a national disaster in order to reassure us that they are on top of the situation while convincing us not to worry or clog our pretty little heads with all the mundane details of disaster management which if they held a ‘real’ press conference would inevitably happen because all those pesky, liberal reporters would be asking ‘real’ questions.

Words fail me..if this wasn’t true I would think I was reading an Issac Assimov tale or at least a great futuristic sci-fi novel about a despot government.

NB. I still give FEMA a passing grade for their handling of this disaster but instead of an A+ it shall be reduced to a B-. Because if you’re going to hold a fake press conference to convince us that you’re on top of the situation whatelse have you or haven’t you done in order to cover up your incompetencies or mismanagement?

Fake news, fake facts, fake people are just unacceptable to me and the American people most of the times but even moreso when it comes to our government agencies managment during a crisis. At those times we want the cold hard facts.  We’re strong we can take it straight next time try it, it just might work.


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