She’s still number one..

Last night’s democratic debate at Drexel University was a hot one.

Both the front runners, Edwards and Obama, went after Hillary highlighting her ‘double speak’ on issues including social security, the Iraq war and a few others.

 But the one that stands out in my mind was one of the last issues of the night when Hillary was asked about New York’s controversial plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, Hillary refused to openly endorse the plan but she thinks it ‘makes good sense’. Edwards and Obama jumped at the opportunity like sharks who smelt blood they both blasted Clinton for being inconsistent by saying that even during this debate she could not give a consistent answer to a question when this was highlighted she did look a bit frazzled but she stood her ground and in the end Hillary may have been battered and bruised but she’s still the clear winner. 

I don’t know if Edwards and Obama will get a bit of a push from this debate but even if they do it’s not going to be enough to dethrone Hillary.

Here’s a few of my observations about the other guys up there…

Obama is not a good debater. He needs to become more comfortable going after the jugular of his opponents if he doesn’t do that he will never and I mean never be able to win the presidency. As a debater there’s a fine line you have to walk between being passionate about your issue and trying not to belittle or demean your opponent but it must be mastered if not you just look like a talking head up there and whatever passion you do have gets lost in the delivery. Obama, clearly needs to master this aspect of debating.

Edwards-Your hair is too manicured (I know that shouldn’t be an issue but a man shouldn’t look like he’s spent five hours in mirror priming and primping) and your expressions too staged and you always seem to be telling the people exactly what they want to hear..come on man..we can tell you want it too bad and that is going to be your downfall.

Biden- hell no it ain’t going to have one thing going for you though you know your foreign policy.

Richardson: You’re having a laugh mate but you’re going to make a great VP..I called this one guys… you just wait..

Kucinich-In an ideal world you would be the president but in this one mate, you see too many lights in the sky.

Dodd-You don’t have a chance but I as well as the majority of public I’m sure, respect the fact that you’re trying to highlight issues that should be of more importance to us like crime and education.


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