So he gave a great speech..ok…

So this past Saturday Obama and most of the Democratic Presidential Candidates went to Iowa to give speeches and rally their supporters at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

According to most reports Obama was the shining star of the evening and his speech was extremely well received by the crowd but for an extremely well informed undecided voter like myself this doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Obama always gives good speeches.  There’s nothing new there..wherever he goes he’s always well received in fact for the past year that’s all I’ve been hearing is how inspirational he is. How likable he is. How well received he was at this place or that place but this is not enough.

This country needs more than a big hug and a pat on the back.

 Whenever I hear him speak or read the accolades he receives it does give me that warm feeling in my tummy I wouldn’t lie but I’m smart enough to know that we need more than just inspirational speeches and charisma in a leader and Obama has to do a lot more and I mean a lot more if he wants to get us, the undecided, to jump off the fence and join him in a dance around the camp fire!

N.B I love the fact that he has figured out how to use his opponent’s weaknesses againt them without being nasty. He’s always refused to be nasty and that is admirable and I always say you can fight a great fight without punching your opponent below the belt. If I were to ever go into politics that is the kind of politician I would aspire to be.



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