an attack, a tragedy and Rudy Giuliani

And the candidate that never forgets to talk about 911 is now on MSNBC talking about Ms.Bhutto and the events that happened there today.

The only candidate that seems to benefit from these types of events is Rudy Giuliani and although he has heard and is obviously aware of the cynicism that accompanies him whenever he talks about 911 and terrorism every opportunity he gets he runs full speed ahead shouting, “Listen to me, listen to me, I can protect you, I can, I can..didn’t you see how I saved NY after 911 I can protect America too from 911,” shame on you Giuliani for trying to capitalise on such great tragedies and shame on you MSNBC for falling into this trap. 

Man oh man.. come on Rudy you have to run your candidacy on more than just terrorism you can do that right?


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