pay attention to this…

Jacob Zuma the current leader of South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) is being charged again with corruption charges.

He was charged back in 2005 but charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The reason I want YOUto pay attention to this is because this man could eventually become the president of the only ‘socially, economically and infrastructurally developed country’ in Africa. And as a proud black person who despairs about the future of the African continent I cannot believe that this man, this corrupt and ignorant man, could become the President of South Africa and by extension the de facto leader of the continent.

Zuma was charged but acquitted of rape but not before saying these stupid, stupid, statements during his rape trial:

He explained unashamedly, that in accordance with Zulu tradition he had been brought up to understand that a man could not abandon a woman in a state of arousal, otherwise she might become infuriated, and accuse him falsely of rape.

In other words, he had had no choice but to carry on.

If that was not bad enough, Mr Zuma told the court he thought the risk from HIV was small, and that he had taken a shower immediately after the sexual intercourse on the night in question, because – he believed – it was one thing that might reduce the chances of contracting HIV.

These assertions came from the man who was head of the National Aids Council and the Moral Regeneration Campaign.

He is homophobic and is a self-proclaimed polygamist. Yup. Just the type of leader I want black kids in Africa and across the globe looking up too..Yup!

You know, if his statements and actions DO NOT disqualify him from becoming the leader of  THE most successful country on the African continent what would?

It’s leaders like Zuma that must be held accountable somewhat with the condition in which Africa and Africans now find themselves, by condoning ignorance and extreme attitudes towards women, economics and other important issues, as he and countless other African leaders standby the sidelines, gleefully lining their pockets with the people’s coffers, and watch as Africa heads to hell in a handbasket.


2 thoughts on “pay attention to this…

  1. Yes, the prospect of Jacob Zuma as president does not inspire one with a great deal of confidence. He’s as thick as George Bush, if not thicker, so a lot will depend on the quality of his advisors, who will probably not be neocons.

  2. Steve, great advisers or not Zuma should not be allowed to become president.

    He will singlehandly destroy the reputation SA has tried so hard to earn post apartheid and I call it bias on my part but any person who claims that ‘taking a shower’ after an HIV encounter will reduce their risk of contracting the disease should be allowed to govern any modern society.

    I’m sorry that explaination he gave in court along with his numerous failings are enough to disqualify him from public office. Period.

    Don’t you agree?

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