useless and trivial celebrities

OK..from this moment on I will no longer be a willing participate in the dissemination of useless and trivial celebrity information.

What is this you ask dear reader? OK..anything to do with Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan or any celebrity whose life has no affect on MY life whatsoever.

If this celebrity is participating in advancing the public discussion or discourse on a particular issue or cause then fair enough but other than that I no longer will discuss, buy magazines or visit celebrity sites that discuss the latest celebrity affair or debacle. In my own home I do not watch reality shows unless they are labelled documentaries but I have on occasion bought a tabloid but from this day on no more.


I will no longer join the mob that seeks to live life vicariously through the antics and experiences of a particular celebrity.

I am better than that.

YOU, WE are better than that.

So if you want to join me in my boycott of celebrities who serve absolutely or very little purpose hit me back or just simply change the channel whenever a discussion is ensuing about one of their latest tactics, read a book on something important to you or just simply do something meaningful to the advancement of your life or others BE the ANTI-celebrity but if you must choose a celebrity to help you cope with mundane occurrances of everyday life pick people that HAVE made significant contributions or continue to make contributions to the advancement of your life or our lives.

As of today I know I will.


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