Benazir’s 19 year old son to lead good idea or bad idea?

Bhutto’s son Bilawal has been named the new leader of Pakistan’s People Party, the party that Benazir Bhutto led until her death on Thursday his father and Benazir’s husband Asif Zardari will be co-chairman of the party.

I don’t know how I feel about this decision. On the one hand I understand that Bhuttos have always led the party and they have always been symbols of democracy or the prospect of democracy for the Pakistani people and symbols particularly in developing world politics are extremely crucial to the success of any political party but Bilawal is only 19 years old he has just lost his mother and now he is being thrust into a world that could and ultimately might claim his life is this fair, is this sane?

I understand he wouldn’t be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan but he is still and will always remain a target from those who wish to curtail democracy within Pakistan and herin lies the real issue.

I’m sure his mother and his family have on countless occassions discussed the what ifs and sadly he is currently living the worst case scenario but to ask a 19 year old regardless of how smart he is to navigate the world of politics let alone Pakistani politics even if they are others to guide him is courting catastrophe and he wouldn’t even be allowed to wet his feet properly before having to help his party contest the elections on January 8th. 

And I’m left to wonder what if the worst happens and I do believe it’s possible and Bilawal is also assasinated will one of his younger sisters who are currently 17 an 14 years old will one of them have to assume leadership of the party?

I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that I hope and pray that the security around him and his family is increased so that I will not be talking about the death of yet another Bhutto on my blog.


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