New Year’s resolutions

Every year like millions of people I make a list of all the things I want to acheive in the coming year some years I acheive all of them others well let’s just say by the middle of the year I try to forget about the ‘damn’

Well this year I’ve decided to share five of the things on my list not all of them I can’t do that, I need to keep somethings to myself come

I hope you’ll share some of your resolutions with me and every couple of months we’ll meet back here and compare notes on how we’re doing.

1. Get a better job that utilizes all or at least most of my skills and intellect.

2. Read more. I think I do quite a lot about a book a week but I believe I could do more about 2…

3. Start saving.

4. Learn how to sew. I’ve already researched this one and I’m going to start classes in one down almost..

5. Get a better apartment.

So those are a few of my resolutions go ahead and share a couple of yours with me..I can’t wait to see them and please have a fantastic New Year!!


2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. Hey J,

    Happy new year to you and i’m glad I have someone who shares at least a few of my new year’s resolutions.

    So let’s make a pact at the end of March we’ll post how well we’ve done on each on our goals and i’ll make you a promise if we haven’t done as well as we would’ve liked we wouldn’t talk about

    But in the meantime go J!!!!

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