President Bloomberg good for America but bad for democrats?

I don’t know if you’ve heard or even if you care (i’ll care for both of us) but Michael Bloomberg the mayor of the great city of NY (I just love the is contemplating running as an independent for the presidency.

Now I have no problem whatsoever with Michael Bloomberg running as a candidate from one of the two established parties but to run as an independent during this particular election  might be problematic to the democratic party not because Jewish voters would naturally trend towards Bloomberg, who is Jewish, but because one of the major established bases of the democratic party will be fractured once again just like it was during the Nader years.

The democratic base will be split right down the middle those who vote for the nominated candidate, because they want to win sorry but it’s true, and those who vote based on idealism.

I know that right now they are thousands I’d even say millions of people who are disillusioned with the political process and politicians in general but a third party candidate is not the solution. He/she regardless of how wealthy they are will not win the presidency and the obstacles on the way there are virtually insurmountable. Third parties and third party candidates are basically viewed by voters as a voice piece of a particular issue not the whole package voters are still quite prejudiced in this regard.

What has to change are the types of people we elect to public office and the process of electing and dismissing those persons if we can institute the necessary changes we will see drastic changes in Washington.  

Bloomberg might be doing what he believes is right and I can’t fault him for that but in so doing he might ultimately be taking votes out of the hats of democrats I understand and believe that idealism is great but to be honest winning would be even better.



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