Obama wins, true acceptance, true equality, has finally arrived…

Where do I begin?

As I write this post tears are streaming down my face I simply cannot believe it…

Really, I can’t. This man, this BLACK man actually has a real shot at becoming the first black president and it’s within MY lifetime.

His win tonight in one of the whitest states in the Union tells me and says to millions of people like me that being smart and black wouldn’t and is no longer being seen as an oxymoron within the white community and that black people can now rally behind a man that looks like us and reflects our values and that sooner rather than later we can look to the highest office in the land and see one of us and finally, finally, view ourselves as true citizens in this land and be viewed as equals in every sense of the word.

Others may claim that true equality was reached long ago and many smart black people would pay lip service to this idea in public but when we, smart black people, ever talked among ourselves behind closed doors we always viewed politics more so than any arena with cynicism. Accepting that we could only go so far and knowing that some doors were still closed and closed tight to us and anyone who looked like us regardless of how smart we are or what party we belonged too.

For a country that we have lived in since it’s inception and suffered inumberable injustices for it and at it’s hand we often viewed this land as not being completely ours, in recent past we pointed to Katrina, tonight one man showed us, showed me that white people are finally willing to share all the spoils of this country and that we may finally be considered true equals.

Black kids, black young people can now look to the highest office in the land and say with a loud voice and a proud heart and believe it to be true that one day, “I can be president!”

Barack if he’s president, wow i’m actually saying that, will be the president of all of America but no longer will the black community have to settle for the candidate that acts the most black (Bill Clinton) or the candidate that has the closest ties to the black community (Bill Clinton) instead we will have a black president that didn’t come in through the back door..he fought and worked for it just like any other candidate and instead will be walking straight up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, hand in hand with his wife and kids and opening the door.

This moment is what Dr. King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, my parents, your parents and millions of others like them fought for, died for-TRUE EQUALITY, TRUE ACCEPTANCE!!!


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