Mitt Romney is left black & blue…

getting beat up

Mitt might need an icepack after Saturday’s New Hampshire Republican debate.

He really took some punches above and below the belt even from “Gentle Mike’ who went after him with almost as much gusto as Mccain and Thompson.

I don’t think any of the Republican presidential candidates can stand Romney and I can’t blame them cause I can’t either..he’s such a fraud..don’t mess up my hair Romney…good god!

I must say that this debate was the first ‘real debate’ of the the entire election season. The candidates had enough opportunities to answer all the questions posed by ABC’s Charlie Gibson and then to debate among each other.

 It was great!!!

The highlight..hmm watching Mccain beating up on Romney on almost every was brutal and watching all the guys and the one gal on the stage shaking hands and making nice, great photo op but fantastic nevertheless!

N.B Every Republican is the agent of change now…let’s see how long that lasts!


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