Obama lost..Obama’s nomination not inevitable..i told you so…



Barack Obama’s nomination is not inevitable. It’s possible-quite possible but not inevitable. 

Just a couple of months ago Clinton’s nomination was also inevitable and now look what’s happened.

And it boggles the mind to hear most of the Republican presidential candidates in various forums, debates and on the stump as well as members of the press discussing his nomination as being inevitable and it bothers me because they are disregarding the majority of the voters in the party who haven’t even voted as yet, if I were them I would be quite offended by their arrogance. 

How dare YOU assume that you know how I am going to vote? Polls are one thing to discuss but to say it’s all over…please.. 

Now it’s quite different when Obama or any candidate speaks about being the nominee it can be viewed two ways as either being a tiny bit arrogrant and presumptuous or simply as a candidate trying to rally his suppporters. Obama I believe since Iowa has walked the line perfectly.

But when I hear the Republicans and the press choosing Obama over Clinton I get worried because there could be a backlash toward their presumptuousness and I wonder if this could not be a strategy by those in the Republican party to get voters riled up so that they respond negatively towards Obama and move towards Clinton. She would be the perfect candidate for the Republicans to run against. It would be a dream come true for Karl Rove and all his people I know she could beat them but it would be an uphill battle.

Also when the anchors and reporters discuss Obama’s inevitablity it shows quite a lack of objectivity and that bothers me I expect analysts and consultants to prognisticate (love that word..love it..lol) more than the average reporter or anchor but reporters and anchors really do need to show a bit more restraint..come on Super Tuesday is still around the corner mates so keep your opinions to yourselves or to your personal anonymous blogs.


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