It’s all up to black people in South Carolina. Will we finally vote for one of own?


With Obama winning New Hampshire, according to most polls and pundits..(I still want the voters to decide regardless of what they say..) the next and I believe the ultimate test for him will be South Carolina.

Obama will have to convince his own people that he can ultimately win the presidency.

Some would think this would be the easiest part of all but believe me it isn’t.

Black Americans have been skeptical of his electability since 2004, even I was one them although not for the typical reasons. I promise to elaborate on a later date.

African Americans are notorious for their distrust of politicians and the US government. Thus by extension African American politicians have to confront a two edged sword. 

Politicians often promise the moon but deliver nothing but sawdust but African American politicians on the other hand are expected to promise everything, sacrifice nothing, deliver most if not everything and keep it real all at the same time and this for any politician is impossible and this is what most if not all African American politicians encounter before winning the trust and loyalty of his/her respective African American communities after winning it’s a different stroy all together..just check out the story of Marion Barry the mayor of DC. Now imagine a black politician having to do this on a national scale?

That’s why I hope Obama and his strategists have started to line their ducks all up in a row because the Clinton campaign is going to pull no punches when it comes to South Carolina because he’s going to get it both ways from his own and from the Clinton machinery.

I’m sure the Clinton campaign has already positioned itself to use clandestine divide and rule tactics and destructive trench warfare which have been inordinately successful since slavery days in separating and diverting black people from common mutually beneficial goals not just in the US but throughout the entire black diaspora.

The Clinton campaign has already siphoned off prominent African American donors, activists, politicians and religious leaders and I’m sure they will be utilising them to their fullest effect between now and then but they must do all their dirty activities in the dark or walk a very thin line because if the majority of black voters in South Carolina were to ever believe the Clintons were trying to stop the march of the first ever viable black candidate towards the presidency of the United States it would be all over for Hillary. The blacklash towards her would be so immense that not even Bill with his office in Harlem and his saxophone playing could stop black voters from marching lock step and barrel towards Barack Obama shouting and singing the late James Brown’s song..I’m Black and I’m Proud…lol..

I can only hope that come January 26th, South Carolina will make us proud by voting for Obama and the state with the motto, while I breathe, I hope, will not kill the aspirations and dreams of millions of Americans and global citizens by voting for his opposition whomever it maybe.

N.B I’ll be live blogging the New Hampshire results..make sure you check back here regularly..let’s see if he makes it two in a row..

Apparently the Clinton campaign has decided to give up South Carolina based on recent polling which shows,  Her once-strong support in the state’s large black population eroded and Sen. Obama opened a big lead in polls after Iowa’s caucus results energized many blacks with the prospect that a man of their race stands a realistic chance of being nominated.The campain has decided instead to put all their chips on Super Tuesday hmmm interesting….

2 thoughts on “It’s all up to black people in South Carolina. Will we finally vote for one of own?

  1. What do you think about this article?

    Barack Obama’s corporate-made and -financed presidential campaign is the product of three distinct factors, all mitigating against Black self-determination and political cohesion: 1) corporate decisions, made a decade ago, to provide media and financial support to pliant Black Democrats that can be trusted to carry Wall Street’s water;

    2) a widespread desire among whites to prove through the safe and simple act of voting that they are not personally racist, and/or to dismiss Black claims of pervasive racism in society, once and for all;

    3) a huge reservoir of Jim Crow era, atavistic Black thinking that refuses to evaluate Black candidates’ actual political stances, but instead revels in the prospect of Black faces in high places. A President Obama would, of course, be the zenith of such narrow, non-substantive, objectively self-defeating visions.


  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it.

    I will endeavour to highlight some of the fallacies in their posts starting with the three you mentioned here and I’ll use a separate post to discuss the article itself..k? goes..

    1..Corporate made and financed campaigns are a reality for all candidates. Not just Obama. Name one successful senatorial/presidential candidate that did not solicit or utilize corporate campaign funds…can you name one? Can they?
    Nope…even candidates with mega fortunes, Mitt Romney more recently, solicit funds from corporations.

    Now it seems millions of people have a problem with the current system because it could and has on occassion corrupted some candidates. However, I do believe that if we the public at large find this activity disconcerting we should change the laws that allow corporations to make such contributions and instead prohibit them from offering and candidates from taking funds.

    Obama is not the first or the last candidate to take corporate political contributions and just because he does, does not make him or any candidate who does a pawn for Wall Street or any particular corporation.

    1a. As far as carrying Wall Street’s water as long as you live in this society and buy things you’re carrying Wall Street’s water. If you consume things. You are carrying Wall Street’s water. Wall Street is about making money. Capitalism is about markets and about making money..we live in a capitalist society and we make money for others and others make money for us. They have been other systems. They all failed.

    2.. Absolution of white guilt will not come through voting for a black person. Some, I’ll dare to say may think it does but not the majority and the idea that somehow we will stop talking about racism in this society or prejudice will somehow disappear because we have a black president is RIDICULOUS..

    In addition white people aren’t flocking to Barack Obama because he’s black and they want to feel good about themselves if they wanted to do that all they have to do is donate to a black charity or cause..instead white people are responding to his universal message it’s appealing and the package that it comes in ain’t too bad

    The fact that a black man is saying listen we can change things, we can make things better together..doesn’t just offer the possibility of helping to bridge the black and white divide, it also allows people to think they are powerful and that they can affect change not only in their personal lives but on a national and international levels as well.

    He offers hope and solutions.

    We have got to recognise that the fights have changed.
    Economic empowerment of our people, widespread educational advancement, chronic disease prevention or health rights (not to be confused with universal health care) should be our new missions.

    We’ve got our civil rights, we have virtually stamped out widespread institutional racism. And discrimination when it occurs can be dealt with swiftly and effectively in the courts or the public sphere and in the quarters where institutional discrimination and prejudice have remained i.e the criminal justice system it could be effectively stamped out if we as community became better organized and fought a war rather than individual battles..

    3. I wouldn’t lie I do revel in the prospect of a black face in the highest office in the land. Because I want this is not a reflection of ‘Jim Crow era’ thinking.
    Jim Crow thinking would be just settling for being the aide to the president or the maid to the president’s wife.

    The fact that we want the whole enchillada and not just a crumb from the table is 21st century thinking. We sacrificed and worked for this moment and we are choosing not to settle for second best. We have long, longed, for first place and now we have the means and the candidate to bring it all home, to suggest that we’re throwbacks to a time when we weren’t even part of the process let alone actual players is insulting.

    In addition with a black man occupying the highest office of the land it will hopefully propel a new way of thinking in the lower socio-economic levels of the black community while at the same time inspiring a whole new generation of young black people to view politics and other professions with as much gusto as they do entertainment and sports.

    The system may not be perfect and it may never be but we can change things for the better not only for our community but the entire nation.

    In a way it runs counter to Obama’s argument but at the same time you have to know the system inside and out and have the top players in the game BEFORE you can make meaningful changes-it’s that simple.

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