Round 2..the Mack is back..

John Mccain

Mccain is having a ball up there..good for him..the Mack is back..

He’s talking about making the world better for all us..

He’s esctatic..I would be too if I were him..people wrote him off for ‘politically’ dead and then he went on to fight and win the biggest fight of his political life…good for him..good for him..once again New Hampshire saves him..

Now he’s talking about shaking up Washington and becoming President..he so looks like the cat that ate the canary up there…I wonder what he’s ‘really’ thinking right now? I bet he’s thinking that I really did this..I really did this..I really could win this thing..

Now he’s reaching out to Democrats, playing in the middle aren’t you John Mccain? Nice…

He’s not the greatest orator nevertheless he did a good job..



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