Kerry’s endorsement means nothing and everything….

John Kerry

John Kerry is a political loser but he’s a smart, influential loser.

Kerry wants to be on the historical winning team and he wants to continue or enhance his role in any future Democratic presidency. That’s why he has endorsed Obama if I were him I would’ve done the same He also brings quite a lot to Obama’s campaign, his contacts, money (his own contributions and that of his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry we can’t forget her and their ability to raise vasts sums) and the ability to help Obama negotiate the ‘establishment’ world of the Democratic Party of which he is a key player.

Obama wants to change the way that Washington works and he wants to bring about great and long lasting beneficial changes to the American people and the world but he has to win the nomination first. He doesn’t need to convince all of the established interests and sections of the Democratic party to come over to his side but he does need to have some support from some key influential persons within this section of the party in order to solidify his nomination even before it happens and Kerry could be the man to help him do that.

If Kerry can help convince a few more heavy weights to join Obama and help him solcit and win, the key word win a few more big union endorsements between now and Super Tuesday we could be looking at an entirely different playing field for Obama- a better one.

So although Kerry’s endorsment means nothing on the surface, it could mean everything in the long run.


One thought on “Kerry’s endorsement means nothing and everything….


    The Kerry and Kennedy endorsement means absolutely nothing when their candidate is without credentials to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.
    Never has he held a real job except that of lawyer to “slum-lord” contributor, and mentor Antoin Rezko. Rezko can be Googled and the Chicago Sun-Times spells out the unwholesome relationship between Obama and this recently indicted former client.

    Where in his past of voting “present” refusing to take a position 170 or more times as a Illinois senator has he distinguished himself there. One crazy vote was to outlaw the use of self-defense pleas when shooting an felony intruder in your home. Why? Because your gun was not previously on file.
    His mental vote (he wasn’t in the Senate) on Iraq of which he is so proud shows a Neville Chamberlain redux at Munich and the sellout to Hitler. Saddam the modern day Hitler the butcher would still be in power and in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia if Obama had been Commander in Chief.

    What services and results did he get as a “community organizer”? We are treated to soaring rhetoric but as the old lady used to say, “where’s the beef?” There is none.

    One year in the debating society of the U.S. Senate he decides that he, of all people should stand for POTUS. He leads the field in gall.

    Never operated the smallest business, no MBA. Never the executive of a city or a State or even a condo board for that matter.

    He has no military backround, not even reserve or ROTC.

    So, where is the beef? Oratory can move church goers to contribute but oratory alone is no reason to endorse Obama.

    So why do they do it? They want to get on the band wagon, to victory they surmise. They are of his ilk, far to the left of center. They want favors. Who knows. We are not sheep to be herded by politicians acting as border collied nipping at heels to drive us into the voting pens.

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