Clinton won, a crying shame.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton won in New Hampshire, this week because uneducated, lower income white women sympathised and related to her and her so called ‘human moments’. 

I don’t believe for a minute that Clinton’s tears were real. Those tears were planned and dropped on cue.

Her team told her simply if you want to win you have to connect and you have to connect big and she chose to connect with the one group that would sympathize with her-women particularly uneducated women. 

I just have one question for my female friends out there for arguments sake let’s say you found out while you’re on the biggest job interview of your life 10 mins before you meet with the interviewer that your partner is cheating on you, you’re about to get evicted and your mother is dying of cancer would you let the interviewer know that you couldn’t handle the pressure by tearing up and letting them know that your problems are getting to you or would you simply be energetic, engaging and articulate and do all the things required of you during the interview because so much would be riding on doing well and getting the job?

I think most women would chose the latter regardless of what was going on in our lives we would suck it up and deal with it put on the game face and keep on moving. 

Now, I can’t say or would I ever say that it’s unacceptable for a woman to tear up in public..we’re women we cry at times.  I just don’t think Clinton is that type of woman. Clinton has never, ever shed a tear in public under any other circumstances and they have been numerous occassions in her life that would have forced you and me to our knees and forced us to tear up a bit but she never has NEVER until last week.

Listen, Clinton suffered and endured the public defeat and humiliation of her first major national policy initiative the Clinton health care plan, in public-no tears. She’s watched and repeatedly endured her man’s embarassing philandering in public-no tears (before, during and after that ordeal I would have needed a whole damn truckload of Kleenex).  She suffered and endured half the public’s particularly Republican hatred of her and her family-in public-no tears. She’s had media investigation after investigation into her private and public life, Ken Starr’s investigation the list of ordeals goes on and on and yet at a diner in New Hampshire she decides to show us that she’s a woman like you and me, she feels, she’s human too..come on give me a %^&* break?

As my mom would say, ” Those crocodile tears aren’t going to work with me baby,”

Clinton says she’s found her voice, what I will say is if she keeps playing to this demographic she surely might find a way to win, if they fall for it each and every time but I’m willing to bet on the old adage that goes fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and guarantee that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to use her crying game again.


2 thoughts on “Clinton won, a crying shame.

  1. I wasn’t moved by her tears either. It isn’t as if she cried over the Katrina victims, her marital troubles, or even the soldiers returning from Iraq in coffins. And she really didn’t cry either, but I do think that the media has made a bigger deal out of this than it really is.

  2. Yes. They have/did make a big deal about it..but would you expect any less? But what I hope is that this was a one time ‘sympathy’ vote and that women across the country do not fall for it again.

    Adriana I really, really hope so.

    Thank you so much for your comment.

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