To hell with the Clintons..

I’m ashamed of Bob Johnson for allowing himself to be used not just on Sunday but for the past 30 years he’s been willing to do and say just about anything for the almighty dollar at the expense of his people.

I know he’s not the only one and I also put a lot of other black leaders, artistes and business people into that category as well. It’s a shame because with so much power comes great responsibility and Johnson has shown that he has none of the latter. 

I’m ashamed of the Clintons for allowing this tactic along with the fake tears to become part of their campaign strategy. I had always admired, Hillary, for her grace and candor but now I see that she’s just like the rest of them she’ll do and say anything to win, she’s no different instead she’s just as bad as the Republicans.

I am ashamed of my people, particularly those in the Hillary camp who have risen to defend Bob Johnson’s comments and

I am ashamed of the Obama camp for falling for their ruse. 

But I’m not at all surprised.

The Hillary campaign machine is desperate, they can see their fates looming on the horizon. The writing is starting to form on the wall regardless of how well she did in New Hampshire she knows that’s a one time deal. She wouldn’t be able to pull that BS with women again, well at least most of us I hope and she has to stop the Obama machine some how and this is the only way she can by using youthful indiscretion to create adulthood doubt.

I’m not surprised at all many campaigns have utilizes this tactic what I’m bothers me is the way, whom and how she did it..

The Clintons like most of the major members of  the ‘establishment’ Democratic party in general are willing to utilize the African American community to enhance and solidify their power base but when their major opponent happens to be an articulate, honest and charismatic African American they are suddenly confronted with a quagmire.

How do we take him down without losing African Americans?

Hillary showed us that when all else fails, she tried to go after him policy didn’t work,  she tried to go after him on inexperience it didn’t work go low, real low. So now she’s willing to get dirty, real dirty because the one thing that she can use is the image of a scary, drug using black guy with his finger on the ‘red button’ to scare half of the US, particularly the white part into not voting for him.

But the clincher for me was the fact that she got another black guy to do it for her!

The richest black guy in the history of the United States.

She sent Bob Johnson one of the biggest villains, in my opinion, in the black community to do it for her because her campaign knows that you could always claim his words were taken out of context. He meant this instead of what the media is saying, the media is pushing something that isn’t there etc, etc..whatever.

We all know what he meant and we all know that Bob Johnson the man who when he was head of BET didn’t create any original programming but pushed and solidified stereotypes of black men and women in the minds of millions of people including his own for profit. BET the only channel to accept hard-liquor and refused to adopt the voluntary TV ratings system for his station for profit, that Bob Johnson the former president of BET, the first black billionaire is always for sale.

The Clinton’s paid up and Bob Johnson did as he was told.

This isn’t a one way street. Bob has a lot to gain if she wins maybe ambassadorship, lucrative business deals who knows what the deal was/is between them but whatever it is the Clinton’s paid a price. A big price.

She’s lost a lot of African American women including me completely and believe me I’m not the only one.

I don’t know but until the writing of this post she still hasn’t spoken out against his comments and Bill continues to make the rounds defending Hillary while berating Obama.

It’s amazing I read in one post that he’s even trying to insinuate that maybe their might be some strife between Obama and Bob. That’s right Bill pull the old divide and rule tactic set one black person againt another black person trick and suggest that it’s just two jealous black guys and one is just talking sh#$ about the other.

You know what that might have worked in the 80’s and 70’s bro but it isn’t going to work today.

Johnson’s comments were low, so low that nothing the Clinton camp or Bill Clinton, the one president the black community has identified with in the last 20 years says will work to quell the anger and disappointment we all feel and the only thing that could work would be an Obama presidency and we’re all going to work on making that a reality.

And then we’ll really have the first black president.


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