Obama, Clinton, Edwards, greatest strengths and weaknesses..

Obama’s greatest strength bringing people together..

Obama’s greatest weakness..he’s not an operating office.

Edwards greatest strength fighting for the little guy (give it up..that is not a strength)

Edwards powerful emotion response to pain that he sees around him (Ok..start crying right about…..now)..no tears..Edwards where are the tears..you suck…

Clinton, strengths, helping others, changes..these aren’t strengths..

Clinton weaknesses, impatience..

Now she’s going after Obama for having a vision but not being able manage..that you have to be able to manage the bureaucracy..really hard job..she’s saying that you have to have the vision and also be able to manage.

There is definitely no love lost between Obama and Clinton….the look she just gave him..if looks could kill..


3 thoughts on “Obama, Clinton, Edwards, greatest strengths and weaknesses..

  1. What did you mean when you said “Obama’s greatest weakness..he’s not an operating office” that he can’t do everything alone?

  2. Hey Asinine,

    Obama said this is a debate when asked about his greatest weakness..he said and I’m not quoting here that he tends to misplace papers and forgets them so that’s why he needs to have people around him to help him keep things in order.

    So that’s why he said he’s not an ‘operating officer’ he needs people to help him stay on top of things..like most people including myself, i think I’ve always needed someone like that..it started with my mother..lol.

    Hope that clarified things a bit..

    Thank you so much for the comment..

  3. Hi. Well Obama has already won this presidential election.

    Which of Obama’s proposed policies and/or plans for the government do you think is his best (when compared to McCain’s policies)?

    I guess another way to put this question of your opinion would be,
    What is the smartest-sounding way to put into words WHY I voted for Obama while explaining to someone who was dead-set on Mr. McCain?


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