Bill Clinton is not Black, has never been Black and never will be Black..

 andrew young and bill clinton

Andrew Young a prominent civil rights activist and Hillary Clinton supporter said this recently on a webcast:

“Hillary Clinton, first of all, has Bill behind her…and Bill is every bit as black as Barack.

This statement is quite bothersome to me and to lots of young black people in my community. 

I could never understand why prominent African Americans feel the need to say that Bill Clinton is black in order to enhance his appeal to our community. This statement should never have been made and it sure as hell shouldn’t have been adopted by us.

Bill Clinton and by extension his wife Hillary are not black.  Bill may have been a big supporter of our issues and causes but he will never fully understand the black experience in this country and when these prominent activists makes comments like the one above to us, to young people me like me, you unfortunately denigrate us and our experiences and belittle our fights.

To me it evokes the same feelings as when I’m talking to white kid/person (I live in the suburbs just to give you a better who is decked out in Hip Hop gear and because I’m black he or she starts to speak in a certain vernacular that THEY associate with African Americans or when some white people assume that because I’m black I know who all the latest rappers are, their songs or that I’m the biggest fan of Oprah or that I only watch shows that contain African Americans.

It’s insulting

You can never be black by association or by adopting certain fashions, or by listening to certain types of music…it just doesn’t work that way if it did I would be able to call myself white or East Indian orsomething.

Why do I say that?

Well, let’s see I grew up in a household with a biracial mother, my white grandfather, white aunts and great aunts where my babysitters, and played games almost every day with my East Indian uncles and cousins.

So, if you gain your race by adoption I guess I could pick one of these but I can’t or more importanly I would never do it.

I’m proud of who am I. I’m proud of my people. I’m proud of our accomplishments and I KNOW who I am.

So, my advice to those supporting Bill and Hillary Clinton is to stop refering to Bill as being black you’re not making it better for Hillary, you’re just making it worst.


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