Hillary wins Nevada, Huckabee wins South Carolina and it continues..

Hispanics and Blacks will we ever work together?

My predictions for the Nevada caucuses..

For the Democrats..

Hillary will win Nevada, Obama will run a close second and John Edwards will get demolished (and hopefully he’ll go away but I KNOW that wouldn’t happen..lol)

The reason behind Hillary winning is not going to be Obama’s lack of organization or his ‘supporters’ not understanding caucus rules or being able to caucus at the casinos the reason is a lot simpler than that-Hispanics are not going to support a black guy for President.

Hispanics will/would prefer to support a white women with close ties to the Hispanic community than a BLACK guy who resembles one of their neighbors on the block or a fellow co-worker.

Hispanics and Blacks have often fought for the same crumbs that fell from the table and this has led to a power struggle between the two groups.

And according to sociologists who conducted extensive surveys in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia they have generally found that ‘Latinos display more prejudice toward African Americans than African Americans do toward Latinos or than whites display toward African Americans.’

In addition a Duke University sociologist Paula McClain, working with nine other sociologists, found similar attitudes among Latinos living in Durham, North Carolina. According to McClain et al., “Latino immigrants hold negative stereotypical views of blacks and feel that they have more in common with whites than with blacks.” For instance, 58.9 percent of Latino immigrants, but only 9.3 percent of whites, reported feeling that “few or almost no blacks are hard-working.”

This bares repeating,“ Latino immigrants hold negative stereotypical views of blacks and FEEL THAT THEY HAVE MORE IN COMMON WITH WHITES THAN BLACKS.”

This is the numero uno reason Obama loses Nevada.

Although a number of Hispanics voting in the caucuses will not be foreign born a number of them will have parents who were and stereotypes are conveyed from generation to generation but they also at the same time can be shed and broken.

You see, Hispanics and Blacks have often fought for the same crumbs that fell from the table and this has led to a power struggle between the two groups and if you feel you have more in common with the white politician than you do your neighbor than this will definitely count against Barack Obama and I don’t see him overcoming this in just a few days of campaigning.

Black/Brown issues have always been closely intertwined i.e fighting racism and economic empowerment African Americans have often viewed Hispanics as late comers to the civil rights movement and have often viewed their accomplishments in this society as being built on their backs and this is one of the many sources of tension between the two groups.

Hispanics and Blacks are often competing in the same neighborhoods, with high levels of poverty, for the same social services and the same jobs leading to the greatest sources of friction between the two groups and with such high levels of poverty it often leads to increased criminal activities including gang formation and gang wars thus leading to numerous deaths on both sides.

In Nevada, Hispanics will have the chance to prove that ‘we’re all in this together’ and that we have to combine resources and organizations in order to get things done and issues resolved for the betterment of both our communities. I hope that many Latinos can put aside their negative stereotypes and views and vote for the best person for the job, Barack Obama, I really hope they do and that they prove my observations wrong once again.


7 thoughts on “Hillary wins Nevada, Huckabee wins South Carolina and it continues..

  1. Well, I’m not an unapologetic Black liberal. I’m an independent Hispanic but share some of the spirit of your sentiment (n an ideal world, minorities would understand that their only chance is unity). But, that ain’t going to happen…

    I’m in Florida so I’m haven’t voted yet, an independents can’t vote here, anyway; however, I wouldn’t vote for Obama, myself. It’s not because he’s Black, but because I don’t think he’s ready to take over from day one. And that’s the kind of president we need nowadays. In four or eight years I would be very willing to give Obama a second look.

    Now, you speak of the bigotry among Hispanics against Blacks. Well, that’s a very complicated issue. First, as you know, Hispanics are not a race, we have Blacks among ourselves. Plenty of them. Want some? [just kidding!]

    Second, those studies you speak of must be put in context. I don’t believe bigotry is higher among Hispanics than among “Whites,” the difference is that Hispanics are more willing to express it. The immigrants they are interviewing don’t have the “sophistication” to smile and say “of course not, I don’t judge people by their skin color,” like a “normal White” person would say. Instead, these Hispanics,”carelessly,” tell the truth.

    The truth is that immigrants, of all colors, work way harder than most natives. And who do they see working alongside them everyday? At the type of work immigrants do, they see Blacks as the competition and that is why they feel free to judge them. If you interview Black Haitians or Black Dominicans here in Miami, they would tell you the exact same thing: Blacks in America are lazy.

    It’s a problem of perception, of not understanding that natives don’t feel like they have to prove themselves, prove their value by their work, like immigrants do. So Blacks, at this level, work, but don’t kill themselves working. And it’s also a problem of these interviewed Hispanics not being educated enough to keep their mouth shut.

    Now, Blacks have not helped ethnic relations by taking every opportunity to align themselves with anti-“illegal alien” White groups in the delusion that such a move elevates them in the eyes of those Whites. In reality, like all minorities that align to the dominant group, they are just being used for tactical reasons and they will be put back in their place once the “crisis” is over.

    So, there is bigotry to go around, there is stupidity to go around, but I contrary to how you see things, I don’t see it as a downer. Conflict is what makes things and issues and the world itself into a very exciting place. There will be time for peace, at the cemetery. Until then, enjoy life!

    Miami, USA

  2. You write:

    “Hispanics are not going to support a black guy for President. ”

    Then again, maybe a large percentage of hispanics , like whites, asians and other non-black groups, simply don’t consider Obama to be qualified, and aren’t going to vote for the guy simply because he is black. This as the country watches an incredible 80% of blacks vote for Obama. Yeah, somebody is factoring the candidates’ race into their voting decision, and, ironically and hypocritically, it’s the community that continually calls for “America to move beyond race”.

  3. Saivan, thank you so much your comments and I must say that I agree with many of your observations.

    Blacks and Latinos have got to work together in this society if we want to see our dreams realized and if we truly want to create a future free of racism and prejudice.

    In the study I cited above in my post Hispanics feel they have more in common with native whites than they do blacks why do you think this is?

    However, if you say that Hispanics of all races view native born Blacks as lazy what would you say are their (all Hispanics) views on native born whites?

    Saivan, why are native born whites seen as something to aspire to when many of them, in particular the ones new immigrants would be interacting with regularly tend to have the same work ethic and attitudes to society as native born blacks?

    I look forward to your answer.

  4. Hi Kent,

    Thanks so much for your comment and I just have a quick question for you Hillary was a first lady, she lived in the white house, she supposedly worked alongside Bill Clinton on certain issues.

    She’s been a senator from New York for only 8 years and this somehow makes her qualified to run the country?

    Is she qualified to run the country based on her experiences as a senator or is she qualified because she is the wife to a former president?

    I agree with you, that those who are calling for America to move away from race or gender are indeed being hypocritical we cannot and should not discount the race or gender of the candidates they are different from previous candidates and those differences should be celebrated instead of being pushed aside.

    In everyday life most people don’t discount their race or gender however most don’t want to be given preference based on those characteristics either.

  5. BlackLiberal:

    Why do Hispanics identify with Whites? Well, suppose you are an ugly little girl and you are reading Cinderella… Would you identify with the ugly witch or with the beautiful Cinderella? Despite mirror realities, you would identify with Cinderella because that is what you aspire to be.

    The irony is that nothing would help the image of Blacks for all groups as us having a Black president, specially a good one. However, I don’t think we are anywhere close to that. I think Obama’s national poll numbers are grossly inflated by people just saying they would vote for him.

    Finally, I agree with Kent, that you seem too quick to question why some groups may not want to vote for Obama while not questioning why Blacks do want to vote for him. The answer to that by the way is “just because he’s Black.” And, that, by definition, is racist.


  6. I see so Hispanics aspire to be the dominant race in America, well, they are well on their way aren’t they….lol..I Kidd, I Kidd…lol

    No I understand where you’re coming from but I don’t think you should aspire to be ‘just like’ instead you should try to be ‘more than’ but since Whites are the dominant economic and cultural group it’s expected that other ‘minority’ groups in the society would want to be like them…

    However, I disagree with your contention that African Americans/Blacks are supporting Obama because he’s black we’re supporting him because of pride it’s the same reason women are supporting Hillary,

    Hispanics supported Richardson and Moromans are supporting Romney, the Irish supported Kennedy etc..etc etc.and..it’s not racist, sexist or prejudice it’s pride in one of ‘our/their own’ reaching the highest level in the land and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that…

  7. Richardson? I would never support that moron. And I have never supported anyone because of the etnic group they belong to.

    You are saying that’s not racist? You are wrong. If a White voter would say they voted for someone because they were White, you would be the first one pulling the racist card.

    As for Hispanics coming a long way. They have been. The rate of entrepeneurship, of creating new small companies are higher than among Blacks. Despite being in a huge disadvantage compared natives… can you imagine what future generations of Hispanics will be able to accomplish?


    Just a quote from it: “As a percentage of the minority population, African-Americans lag significantly behind Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans in terms of business ownership, says Boudreaux, citing census data.”

    It’s dead serious, there’s nothing to laugh at. You guys are in trouble. Get busy.


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