CNN’s touch screen tv’s, part II


For all those who want to learn a bit more about those awesome, just awesome CNN touch screen TVs check out these great links provided by one of my blogger friends BigWorld. CNN’s Touch Screen are not only innovative they are just plain cool..just cool and check out the guy who developed them here too..I just love them…I want one..I want one…lol


5 thoughts on “CNN’s touch screen tv’s, part II

  1. I love them too..they are just wicked, wicked you want to join together and buy one, we’ll share..just

  2. In the hands of an effective and knowledgeable political broadcaster like John King, it gives viewers valueable insights into the shifting vote counts as they come in. It makes an unprecidented neck and neck Super Tuesday contest even more exciting. There are still a few bugs in the system, but I suspect that has more to do with operator comfort with the technology. Just watch. All the major networks will feature one of these by the general election. Kent Ninomiya

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