Is this Bill Clinton’s race or Hillary’s?

Bill and Hillary Clinton

According to Tm Russert of NBC Bill Clinton plans to go door to door, church to church in South Carolina to ensure Hillary Clinton wins the primary there on January 26th.

Now, I don’t know about you but but I’m sick and tired of seeing Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. I’m sick and tired of his comments and digs at Barack Obama. He should leave this up to Hillary or her advisers and from all appearances it seems that Bill Clinton wants this more than Hillary.

Why isn’t she the one saying that SHE’s going to go door to door in South Carolina to campaign for Black votes?

But I guess after picking up and carrying the Hispanic vote (3-1 in Nevada) I guess Blacks can go by the wayside for her. Maybe our votes don’t count as much anymore to her but I guess Bill wants to ensure that his legacy remains rock solid within the Black community.

I’ll just say this Bill Clinton has done irreparable damage to his legacy over the past two weeks and nothing he says or does in the meantime is going to change that fact or that Hillary is going to lose South Carolina. And if the Democrats (the main culprits are those in the Clinton campaign) aren’t careful at the end of this nomination process irreparable damage may have been done to the party as a whole because of their dividing the party so severely along ethnic lines and visibly exploiting those loyalties.


4 thoughts on “Is this Bill Clinton’s race or Hillary’s?

  1. I share your reaction to the way Bill Clinton has been acting throughout the campaign. Whatever he is doing or saying is typical of the way he has behaved all along so we should not be surprised. after all he had to apologize for lying about the Lewinsky details.

    And now the fact that he, Clinton, was told of strong arm tactics by the Culinary Workers Union. In my opinion, the Clintons seem always to be trashing and discrediting the opposition. Somehow, they get away with it.

  2. I agree with you totally 4america, if I could shake your hand I would, your observations are spot on.

    I don’t understand why the Clintons are able to get away with such behaviors either I believe it’s because they are seen as all powerful and that many, many people are intimidated by them.

    But you know what I believe wholeheartedly that Bill Clinton believes that he can ‘strong arm’ all of us into voting for Hillary but I know and you know that isn’t going to happen.

    4america thank you so much for comment.

  3. I think this stuff is going to end up backfiring on the Clintons. A lot of people were prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton, but are not prepared to vote for “Mrs. Bill”.. This concept that he has ridden in to pull her from the sinking ship, and is now going to win this election for her, and hand over the Presidency to “The Little Woman”, is not going to sit well with a lot of people.
    I’ve always been a Bill Clinton supporter, but he is really showing me some things that I don’t like. Basically what Bill is saying, is ” I don’t care what those black people in South Carolina think, I’m going to convince them to vote for Hillary.” Is that not a mindset from the past that is both scary and depressing??
    Hillary better get control of him quick, and he is going to end up being her worst enemy.

  4. Agreed blackliberal that there is an intimidation factor. And yes it seems to me, we also have as what you describe as Bill Clinton’s “strong arm” tactics. The strong arm worked in Arkansas. The strong arm worked in Washington, not once but twice. The strong arm worked in N.Y for Hillary. We can only hope that those who cast their votes for Bill after the amazing lying under oath episode will not vote him, oops I mean her, or is it them, back into the White House in 2008.

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