John Mccain wins South Carolina..

John Mccain

John Mccain wins South prediction of Huckabee winning was wrong. Fred Thompson is third..he’s dead in the water but he’s always been dead in the water..hasn’t he?

Hmm..very, very interesting..I guess evangelicals love Huckabee but they love Mccain a whole lot more…lol

And this makes John Mccain the front runner for the Republican Party, he hasn’t given his victory speech yet let’s hope it’s better than the New Hampshire speech..pleeeeeeeeeze let it be


3 thoughts on “John Mccain wins South Carolina..

  1. For all the babbling of the talking heads the big story is that Thompson cost Huckabee the race in South Carolina. Huck and him split the evangelical vote in the upstate area of South Carolina. Take out Fred and Huck wins. Now Fred can slink by to Tennessee and wait for a VP nod.

  2. Hmm..that’s so true! If he weren’t in the race those votes would have gone to Huckabee..

    Fred Thompson is such a failure I don’t even think anyone should/would consider him for a VP do you?

  3. I would not want him as a VP but I think the Republican base would like him. He is a Southerner, he is a “true” conservative and could ease some people’s fear about McCains’ problem areas (immigration/campaign finance/taxes).

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