Hillary has lobbyists, Edwards has trial lawyers and Obama has slum lords..

Hillary says she’s better at National Security than any of her opponents and that she can beat John Mccain if he is indeed the Republican nominee since the election would be about National Security…

And here comes the evil boogeymen of America- LOBBYISTS….

Hillary just said that Edwards takes money from the children of lobbyists, the wife’s of lobbyists etc. and she just told John Edwards that he took money from trial lawyers and as Edwards responds Hillary rolls her eyes..

Hillary has lobbyists, Edwards has trial lawyers and Obama has slum lords..I guess we all have to have bedfellows? LOL..


5 thoughts on “Hillary has lobbyists, Edwards has trial lawyers and Obama has slum lords..

  1. Umm…very, very interesting but not at all surprising what about Rudy Guiliani and his Dubai office, even after all the hype about Dubai controlling our ports etc, etc..?

    And yet these leaders will be the first to talk out one side of their mouths about the Human Rights records of China and Saudi Arabia while accepting money from the sheikhs of Qatar and Dubai!

    Quite hypocritical.

    Jonolan, it’s enough to makes you wonder if your vote really matters..

  2. Between the way the parties control their nomination process and the way the electoral college is setup, I have no few illusions about the “value” of my vote.

  3. I hear you bro, I hear bro..

    But you know Jonolan I really do wish that our votes mattered as much as they are made to appear because so many people died or suffered fighting to give us those rights yours and mine.

    The revolutionary war, the civil war, the suffrage movement and civil rights, voting was one of the or THE central issues of these movements and yet because of the current political climate, voter disatisfaction, voter apathy is understandable.

  4. I suppose I wish the same thing, but I can’t help thinking f how stupid and ignorant most people are. It has been said that democracy is essentially mob rule where the majority oppress the minority.

    Occasionally – when I’m really depressed by the political situation – I think about what true democracy would be like.

    Think about – since you’re Black – the Civil Rights movement in the context of a unmoderated democracy in 1960s America…

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