Punches galore in South Carolina last night and I loved it…

It was brutal last night..

Last night I watched the South Carolina debate and I enjoyed every minute of it..

Unlike many doing the post debate analysis I don’t see anything wrong with Obama and Hillary going after each other’s jugulars. It was long, long overdue and it made for great television. I was literally jumping around my living room..lol

For the first time I can honestly say I got to see ‘true’ glimpses of how Barack and Hillary would respond under pressure and THAT was amazing! Barack gets really angry when others call him out and Hillary hates to be reminded that she’s not as great or as honest as she portrays herself  to be man I would love to see what they were like backstage after the debate.

And I just loved the looks she gave Barack, I’ve seen those looks on my mom many, many times..lol

Hillary and Barack attacked each other’s records and candidates SHOULD attack the record of their opponents and they SHOULD call out their opponents on behaviors that are unsavory or untruths that are being perpetuated by the opposing campaigns.

However, when surrogates are powerful spouses (former presidents) are used to do the attacking that’s grossly unfair and in my opinion unacceptable. However, I will say this I don’t think many of the attacks on Obama by Hillary were meant for the South Carolina audience or electorate.

I think that Hillary’s shots at Obama were targeted to show up Obama to her base and to cause a specific type of Democratic white voter to rally to her side.

You see, in the New Hampshire primary Hillary won because one of the main components of her base white, uneducated, women came to her defense and I think those barbs at Obama where aimed primarily to show those white women and men in other states (to some extent) that Obama is a black guy who doesn’t like to take responsibility wink, wink like so many other BLACK guys you know..wink, wink just like how Barack’s Wal Mart comment was meant to show that she’s not as concerned about the little guy as she says she is…one was punch to the face, the other was a punch to the stomach..which hurt more?  I don’t know.

At the end of the day I wouldn’t say that Hillary’s or Barack’s comments were unfair or unwarranted it was a fair and entertaining night of politics-American presidential politics.

And if either one of them can’t stand the heat they should get out the kitchen because it’s going to get a whole lot hotter between now and November!

BTW..Barack was the best candidate last night he won hands down and that’s a first for him at these debates….


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