The Republican debate in Boca introduction..

republican party

Tonight, the Republicans sang Kumbaya, toasted Ronald Reagan and played nice with each other, just like they were supposed to do..they were no body blows, few punches. It wasn’t a debate at all it was an introduction of the candidates to the Republican Primary voters.


2 thoughts on “The Republican debate in Boca introduction..

  1. Hey Robin,

    I agree with the analysis and the observations made in this article.

    He has highlighted the political strategy of ethnic/racial politics currently being played by Clintons. The Clintons have been practicing political parsing for eons now against the Republicans. And now they are utilising all their political skills, including the nasty ones, against one of their own and regardless of their claims of not injecting race into the campaign, they have been and they continue to at their own peril and the peril of the Democratic party.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Clintons should not or any of the other campaigns, for that matter, should not go easy on Obama but the campaign strategies that have been used by the Clintons I predict will do far more damage in the long term and outweigh any current benefits.

    Robin, this is the paragraph that resonates the most with me…. “If Hillary loses South Carolina…the message will go out loud and clear to white voters that this is a racial fight…if blacks deliver South Carolina to Obama..that will trigger a massive white backlash against Obama and will drive white voters to Hillary Clinton,” and John Edwards (if he’s still in the race after tonight, hopefully

    And if you look at Obama’s numbers not just in South Carolina but across the country as a whole, Obama’s numbers with white voters have dropped drastically and that is not accidental Hillary and her strategists have seen and analysed the polling trends and she knows that a core group of her base are white, uneducated and fall in the lower socio economic bracket (those making under $54, 000) and this group will respond in the greatest numbers to a racial fight regardless of if it’s rightly or wrongly perceived.

    And I do think this is how she intends to win on Feb 5th infact, this is how SHE WILL WIN on February 5th!!!

    Robin, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Clintons will win this battle by utilising short term tactics but in the long term the Democratic party may lose the war in November by forcing smart, black voters like myself into the ‘eager’ or not so eager depending on how you look it arms of the Republicans…

    Robin, thank you so much for your comments..I really, really appreciate the ‘conversation’ keep it coming..

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