Obama wins South Carolina; Hillary loses but wins the nomination but at what cost?


The Clintons have utilised and continue to use racial and ethnic politics to win the democratic nomination causing white supporters to abandon Obama due to their presumed concerns about electability. And the black guy who once garnered headlines in the Wall Street Journal as the Whites’ Hope is now being spurned and marginalised by white voters.

Tonight the Clintons will lose South Carolina but I’m sure that Hillary will be the clear democratic nominee come February 5th based on this specific strategy as explained by Dick Morris. A blogger friend, Robin, sent me the link and I couldn’t have articulated it any better than Mr.Morris. However, this strategy and by extension Hillary’s nomination will come at a cost.

Here are just a few of the possible consequences I foresee because of all the Clinton induced racial drama…

Lower turnout among Democrats but higher among Republicans because of their ‘hatred’ of Hillary Clinton come November 4th thus leading to a John Mccain presidency, another pro ‘war’ Republican in the White House and another humiliating defeat for the Democrats. 

More alienation of blacks and in particular YOUNG blacks from the political process and by extension the Democratic party.

I don’t think young black people will run head first into the Republican party but I would be willing to say this, if they were a fully functioning, viable, powerful third party like the European Green Party, that party would be getting first, second and third looks right about now and their enrollment rolls would be up considerably due to the massive influx of  young, liberal-minded, black people like myself as well as all of those people who are just sick and fed up with the establishment in the Democratic party.

Racial politics and marginalisation often come at a high price and I would dare to say that irreparable damage may once again have been done to the democratic party because of this and if I were a Republican election strategists  I would be looking on with glee and I would be actively seeking to capitalise on the strained relationship that will now develop between young (those under 40) blacks and the democratic party and the continued friction between Blacks and Hispanics. 

Believe me I haven’t lost complete faith in Obama or the prospect of him being the first black president but I’m a realist I can see the writing on the wall based on the polling stats. Yes, I know the polls have been wrong on a couple of occasions this political season but the Clintons haven’t stopped their racial attacks, the attacks have just become more coded and quiet.

Obama is critically wounded and I don’t foresee a recovery between now and February 5th unless he can show that white voters in South Carolina would vote for him in November.

Obama brought hope and it was extinguished by the Clintons maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t be forever..


3 thoughts on “Obama wins South Carolina; Hillary loses but wins the nomination but at what cost?

  1. I agree with your sentiment regarding this recent clinton-obama debacle leading disenchanted democrats towards some third party (if there were such a viable third party). Since the bush presidency and the divide its caused among the american people I’m starting to view the third party option as a much more attractive alternative. But what you should also consider is that there are a number of people who identify as republicans who are equally if not more disgusted with their party. Just as not all democrats are “bleeding heart liberals”, not all republicans are xenophobic jesus freaks. I hope that in the coming years we can see a viable third party, maybe it will help heal this ever widening divide between the left and the right. And maybe just maybe we can have a government that actually gets something done.

  2. Hello voodoo72,

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Not only do I agree with you how about you and I joinging in together to start that ‘viable’ third part’..lol

    If you look around the American political landscape there is no real green party, there is no ‘real labour’ party all these major issues are grouped under the democratic party and they are not given the real focus and attention they deserve.

    I’m glad to hear that they are republicans who are equally disgusted with their party, I know I am fed with the democrats..sick and tired of all their BS and their patronizing and you know because of your comment I’m really going to start to believe that maybe, just maybe in their near future there will BE a third party in the US.

    Voodoo72, thank you so much for your comments make sure you come back again..lol

  3. I think Obama’s huge margin of victory may help him win a lot more “Super Tuesday” primaries than people expect. He has done better than early polling data in every contest so far.

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