Tonight in Florida Mccain is the winner, Romney is the fighter and Giuliani..well he’s the loser..


You know I hate to see politicians get down and dirty with each other, it’s tacky and in some cases it can be quite demoralizing but I must admit that it was really, really interesting to listen to the dirty words that some Republicans use to diss each other liberal and flip

Sometimes politics can be so petty…

Anyway, as for the Republican primary today I think Mccain will emerge as the winner tonight but that Romney will not concede an inch to him instead he’s going to go on to Super Tuesday and fight Mccain every step of the way only to be beaten down by the tough old coot (is that right?) Mccain..

As for Giuliani he’s done. He soooooooo over..

His strategy has failed, by bypassing somewhat Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to focus on Florida, as we all knew it would but I think that his failings have more to do with him and his positions.

Giuliani led in Republican national polls before this year’s primaries and national caucuses because of name recognition. He wasn’t  I think adequately prepared for the scrutiny that comes with being a candidate for office, constant searching into his background by journalists for the ‘gotcha’ story, he wasn’t prepared to debate and express opinions on topics other than terrorism and national security and he wasn’t able to reincarnate himself to be something bigger than just the mayor of New York City.

In addition I think his arrogance and belief once again that he was entitled to the nomination, just like another candidate in the other party, all contributed to his failure.

N.B..As usual i’ll be live blogging the results tonight hope you join me..please join


2 thoughts on “Tonight in Florida Mccain is the winner, Romney is the fighter and Giuliani..well he’s the loser..

  1. Hi,

    Interesting thoughts and enjoyed following your commentary on the Florida process. Giuliani as you wrote, did do himself in and yes, the Republicans are quite nasty with one another (character aspects emerging). Hilary is also revealing another side of herself these days. What do you think?

    You may enjoy seeing some predictions (that have been accurate in the past) and some commentary on the current primary process on googlinggod (blog) at wordpress.

    If you have any of your own questions too, please feel feel to submit them to

    Have a good evening.


  2. Hi googlinggod,

    Your comments are really appreciated. Thank you so much.

    In regards, to your comments about Hillary, she isn’t just revealing another side I think she’s showing her true colors.

    I think a lot of those in the media have always seen her ‘true side’ but we the public are now getting to see what they have often spoke about behind closed doors.

    I think that the Clintons have done immense damage to their legacy these past couple of months and Hillary presidency will not be enough to healed those damaged connections.

    I will definitely drop by your blog and I hope you stop by mine again.

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