The jobs are not coming back, the illegals are never going home and the wars are going to keep on coming..


That statement , courtesy of the one and only Pat Buchannen..another old and this is what he says John Mccain stands for or says..OMG!!!


2 thoughts on “The jobs are not coming back, the illegals are never going home and the wars are going to keep on coming..

  1. Doesn’t sound so crazy to me… have you ever read “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt? It’s a short book that is an educational tool of easy reading (maybe 150 pages?)on the basics of economics and how it is supposed to help the community as a whole and not special interest groups in the short term (b/c it causes boom and bust cycles). Whoa, just finished reading this and let me tell you… these guys aren’t sounding like coots to me anymore! The crap was scared out of me and now I see what all the candidates stand for with their plans (everyone except Ron Paul) – the same irresponsible fiscal policies that literally IGNORE the fundamentals of economics! If everyone picked up this book and read through it, people would be up in arms over this election… but i have a feeling educating oneself beyond CNN, FOX and MSNBC won;t be occuring anytime soon, so I just sit and await the inevitable demise of my financial future with the onslaught of baby boomers who will crush my generations (I am 30) hopes of a stable economy… Feel free to hity me up with any questions about that book I suggested, seriously, it will open your eyes!

  2. Hi lostloveletters,

    Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts.

    No, I haven’t read the book but I’ll try to pick it up based on your recommendations.

    I do agree that lots of candidates stand for ‘irresponsible fiscal policies’ but there is direct corelation between those policies and ‘irresponsible’ individuals those with limited power and those with often seem to be driven by completely selfish motivations that ultimtely lead to disastrous economic policies.

    From the family that continually lives beyond its means to the CEO who risks investors money in risky trades and shady investments.

    Economics is not simply a subject to be studied. We live it everyday and we have to develop economic policies in conjuncture with market trends and demands that benefit the majority instead of the minority…it’s possible and it’s not communist!! LOL..

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