Mccain and Romney cancelled each other out at tonight’s Republican debate


Mccain and Romney went after each other tonight at the CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate.

But neither emerged victorious.

Romney, I must admit showed his proficiency on economic issues and how he would lead the country out of the current economic ‘crisis’ but I don’t think that he was able to overcome his huge likeablility deficit. As knowledgeable as he is when it comes to economic issues, he appears to be a mega rich, phony, flip flopper who’ll say anything to get elected.

And you know what I still don’t like the guy..he still comes of as a

As for John Mccain. He’s a leader when it comes to the war in Iraq. He’s an honorable, LIKEABLE man and he’s someone that you could count on to lead the country even if the country doesn’t agree with him he will lead and he will lead to the best of his ability. But he doesn’t display his knowledge on issues other than the war in Iraq, foreign policy and the military. And after George Bush we need our leaders to know a lot about somethings and be verse in most things!

As for Ron Paul wrong time, wrong place. He has great ideas but come one’s getting tiresome..I’m all for the Ron Paul Revolution but it’s over people!  John Edwards finally admitted defeat when will Ron Paul?

And Mike Huckabee, didn’t get much air time tonight but as usual he had the best jokes and sounded the most sincere and genuine. However, you can’t rely on that alone. He has got to show that he knows something about the issues and once again I didn’t get that impression. He might be on the right side of many of the important conservative issues but he’s not getting the traction that he needs in order to get those ‘conservative credentials’ out there instead he’s seen as too liberal on immigration and taxes, two of the holy grail issues for Republicans.

None of these candidates, including the front runner John Mccain, is the whole package and if I were a conservative I would be quite disheartened!


5 thoughts on “Mccain and Romney cancelled each other out at tonight’s Republican debate

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  2. Wrong time, wrong place for Paul? I don’t know about that…he seemed in just the right position to parent the squabbling McCain and Romney. And rightly so — this is a debate for the PRESIDENCY, and I and hopefully all Americans don’t want our time wasted on semantics when the talk ought to be about our countries policies and actions, which Paul pointed out.

    Did you actually watch and listen to this debate?

  3. Hey guys,

    BC&R, you probably will have to do that and that’s pretty disheartening. I think a candidate should reflect most of the views and causes of their party and when they don’t the voters lose-on both sides.

    Jeff, of course I watched the debate infact I’ve watched every single one

    You, as well as a couple million people maybe enthusiastic Paul supporters but that doesn’t change the fact that Paul is not getting any traction in the national polls.

    Paul will not be the Republican nominee.

    You see, for many candidates I think there should come a point in time when he/she admits that they really aren’t moving the issues forward and Paul should see the writing on the wall and accept that there isn’t going to be a ‘revolution’. And unfortunately Mr.Paul isn’t doing that-for whatever reasons and one of the by products of that is the fact that the press as well as many others in the nation aren’t taking him seriously.

    He may have made many, many good points but if you forget them soon after you have to wonder will he actually be able to become the nominee?

    And Jeff, he has no chance, in the long run he’s just wasting time.

    Thanks so much for the comments.

  4. Good article. I think the 2012 election is going to make or break us. Personally I’m a fan of Ron Paul and I think his policies would take care of this right here. I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about it and even some blogging here

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