John Edwards the popular kid, for the moment..

Now Hillary mentions John Edwards, when he was in the limelight you couldn’t get anyone to talk about him and now that he’s gone everybody is talking about him….man they really want his endorsement bad..don’t they?

The only power John Edwards has ever had since this process know i’m


3 thoughts on “John Edwards the popular kid, for the moment..

  1. In the California Primary on February 5th, I will proudly cast my vote for JOHN EDWARDS! It’s way too soon to contemplate voting for another candidate — especially when John was the best for our country and the global community…

  2. Edwards supporters have a real shot at electing some delegates from California Congressional Districts because our 7 delegates from each of the 53 districts are allocated proportionately. So the threshold vote is about 14.2%. That is what I recommend to my circles.

    I have not yet resolved my questions about Obama’s preferences in regard to affordable housing, clean energy vs. nuclear, coal, and ethanol, etc. But of us are more impressed with Obama’s potential for Democratic Party renovation than with Clinton’s calculating competence based upon existing special-interest power bases.

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