Most movie stars are democrats…


Man, in every single CNN audience shot..I’m either seeing a movie star, a pretty face or a woman’s chest  ( didn’t you see that..a camera was supposed to be focussed on a Hillary pin but when the camera pulled back it was clearly a shot of woman’s chest) or somebody that I’m supposed to

I’ve seen more audience shots in this debate than any other..I wonder why?


5 thoughts on “Most movie stars are democrats…

  1. Is this a site fur build abearville?If not McCain rocks.NOBAMA!!!If this is a CHRISTIAN country,why are we letting a MUSLIM be president?I hope OBAMA loses.SARAH PALIN is the coolest person in politics.Shouldn’t we work for money?That isn’t what the DEMOCRATS believe in!OBAMA will raise taxes for non-white people and quote,”Make this country pay for what they did to the african americans”Last time i checked every culture or origin or whatever that is called was in slavery once in history.The africans SOLD THEIR PEOPLE TO THE BRITISH YOU DEMOCRATIC IDIOTS!!

  2. nobama you think like a 6 pack an hour beer belly butt scratching love seat on the front porch hillbilly peice of trash you are clearly not educated about anything so keep you dumb ness to you self

  3. Not sure where the person that said “why are we letting a Muslim be president” Please refer to You Tube and type in Muslim for McCain. You will be enlightened to know that McCain
    has a Muslim supporters and get this… he even has a Muslim working on his campaign. Geeee who knew eh?

  4. All of the tea party are foreigners!romney wasnt born here he is a fucking mormon!he is a towelhead like bush sr and jr.marco rubio is from cuba.mccain is from panama.they all need to go back to their homeland or get shot and killed by us democratic patriots!

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