The good old days are back but for how long? Clinton and Obama played nice tonight at the CNN Presidential Debate in California

BFF? Yeah

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama played nice tonight at the CNN Presidential Debate at the Kodak Theatre in California.

They were no real barbs, cheap shots or low blows.

Instead we saw an intense discussion on their positions from health care to Iraq and for the first time since this process begun we could hear Obama and Clinton articulate their visions and their policies without being hindered excessively by time limits.

This was enjoyable and informative even for me a political junkie!

Obama and Clinton both remained above the fray with neither of them willing to venture into the gutter. Clinton and Obama both realised there was too much to lose and a whole lot to gain (including John Edwards endorsement, his former supporters and a couple million undecided voters votes on Monday) if they could just appear to get along for a couple of hours.

From the very beginning Obama made every effort to show that he and Clinton were on good terms and to quell those comments once and for all that he appears ‘ungracious’ after it looked like he appeared to have snubbed Senator Clinton at President Bush’s State of the Union address on Tuesday. He spoke to her briefly at the beginning, he pulled out her chair, he said that he agreed with her on many things and he even pointed out that she would be on his VP short list but you know what that didn’t fool me at all.

Obama and Clinton are not friends and they don’t like each other anymore but that does not mean that they should display their mutual dislike for each other in public or take cheap shots at each other’s character, race or gender.

And tonight for the first time in months I and millions of others were reminded of what we first saw in both of them. Professionalism, candor, charisma, grace and intelligence. I saw tonight the two democratic presidential candidates that I once admired and would’ve been happy to support on a mutual ticket.

Watching them smile and talk passionately about restoring America’s image abroad, getting universal health care for all and about bringing home our troops reminded me of those evenings when I would agonise over whom to support Obama or Clinton but the past is the past right?

I’m no longer willing to ‘actively’ support a Clinton nomination.

Some mistakes must first be corrected by admitting an error and apologising.  And I’m sure neither Bill or Hillary Clinton will be saying anytime soon that they were wrong for utilising ‘racial politics’ in trying to obtain the nomination. Hillary still can’t admit she was wrong in voting for the Iraq war!

However, tonight for a few brief moments dignity was restored to the Democratic party let’s see how long it lasts.


2 thoughts on “The good old days are back but for how long? Clinton and Obama played nice tonight at the CNN Presidential Debate in California

  1. This debate was kind of boring! Obama came out on top, he appeared much more Presidential. Clinton looked like she was trying not to attack him and she looked unnatural and uncomfortable.

    I do not like either of their policies, but Obama is a great speaker! Hope he kicks some butt on Super Tuesday.

  2. Hi BC&R,

    Fair enough. I don’t think there was a winner or loser in the debate, I think that Obama has always looked presidential but because he was on the the stage for the first time ‘beside’ her with no other distractions he appeared to be MORE presidential.

    And I hope he does pick up a whole lotta states..but I really don’t know if this will be decided on Tuesday. At first I thought it would be but now that the race has tightened I really don’t know if either of them will come out on top.

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