Universal health care the difference between Obama and Hillary..


Obama’s health care plan.. says that they are 15 million that don’t want health care.. I don’t believe that but he says that he will provide incentives to those out there to encourage them to buy it and require parents to buy insurance for their kids..

Hillary health care plan….she will open to the federal health care to plan to everyone..she will provide subsidies and cap premiums to make it affordable to everyone..

 Once again John Edwards is mentioned..

Hmm..Obama wants to lower premiums that is critical because if you can’t afford the one you currently have, how will you able to afford the government’s? He’s actually going to invest in preventative care, just like the Europeans and most health care systems around the world including many in the so called developing world…

You know, I think a combination of these two plans would be the most successful, because if you mandate people many will resist even if it’s in their best interests..

And we’ll be able to watch (ignore..lol) all these deliberations on CSPAN


One thought on “Universal health care the difference between Obama and Hillary..

  1. it’s an interesting post, certainly it seems health problems haunt America’s political agenda now but consider how not innovative those candidates’ approaches are seems to imply there really isn’t a solution yet for the problem. What exactly do Amercians want?Which exact way?

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