Would you eat MUD, yes MUD to survive?


How can we continue to live in a world where people, children are forced to eat mud, MUD to survive?

Everytime I think about this I feel sick to my stomach.

How did this happen?

How can we consume so much and yet give so little?

How can we ask so much of others yet ask nothing of our ourselves?

In a world where children are eating mud to survive..on this day, on this day February 3rd 2008 I vow to do more. More than just talk..more than just give the occasional charitable donation, more than just sitting on my computer blogging about the troubles of the world..I WILL DO SOMETHING, someway, somehow..I still don’t know what I’m going to do but something has got to change..if not for the majority, at least, at the very least for a few..

I refuse to sit and do nothing..I cannot..will not..what about you?


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