Fraud man Mitt Romney is giving a speech…


Fraud dude Mitt Romney is giving a speech..he shouldn’t tell jokes oh. so his brother is older than him so what..we don’t care…hasn’t he learned his jokes suck!!

And listen to him talking about the three places he’s lived voting for him and that’s it for sure..he’s done he better not ask for anymore ’cause he wouldn’t be getting any more that’s for d@#& sure…well maybe a few more but after that he better go back to gobbling up small companies..

Wow he actually talked about persona non gratis Bush..amazing..

He thinks it’s important that the president should have had a job in the private sector!!! LOL>>OMG…LOL>>> hmm….

And why do his people chant like that it’s creepy..really creepy..he should tell them to stop I’m serious this just make his campaign look even scarier you know this chanting thing is almost as bad as when he walked up to those black kids singing, “Who let the dogs out?”


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