Super Tuesday was the first day of the Obama phenemenon…


Today we talk about the the Bradley effect when discussing African American candidates in the future we will be talking about the Obama phenomenon when discussing candidates of any race or gender who defy expectations and generate momentum in non traditional areas!

February 5th was indeed a historical day.

Now, Obama did not take Hillary Clinton down (he got 841 and she got about 837) but with his wins and delegate splits he was saying to her “I’m not going anywhere!” and that this race is going down to the wire. 

But what is the real story? To me, it’s WHERE Obama won and with WHOM.

He won in Colorado, Utah, Missouri, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota and North Dakota! He won in NORTH DAKOTA!!!

Now, ten years ago if you told me that there would be a black presidential candidate in my lifetime winning primaries and caucuses in these states I would have laughed and vehemenetly disagreed with you while secretly concealing in my heart the desire and hope of it being true.

Today Obama won these states and he closed the gap between him and Hillary when it comes to white voters and women. Obama has shown that Hillary does not have a monopoly over these demographic groups and that his message is making in roads with these voters like it should.

As a man should not be ‘judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character’ and today we saw yet another step in the direction of that finally being realised.

Neither candidate has a clear advantage but if Obama fails to get the nomination the effect of this day will still resonate with potential non-traditional political candidates because Obama has shown how it can be done and more importantly than that we are starting to see a generational shift where race and gender are viewed quite differently.

This election will be not be determined by that generation exclusively but it certainly wouldn’t be decided without them.

You see, I know that Obama is the candidate of choice for my generation however if he fails to become the nominee it will be due to OUR work, OUR perserverence and OUR selection of his opponent and from this time onward we, today’s youth vote will finally be given our due recognition.

And with Obama’s victories today still fresh in the minds of all let it be known that, if he wins the nomination and goes on to become the president of the United States, that we the members of  Generation X  and  Generation Y, those raised on Sesame Street and Nintendo, those who have never experienced life without computers, punk rock or rap music have shown that we are tuned in and that we have no intention whatsoever of tuning out and we will fight up until our last breath to fully realize the dreams of our parents and grandparents and thus return this country to the heights of greatness it so rightly deserves! 


3 thoughts on “Super Tuesday was the first day of the Obama phenemenon…

  1. A lot of us aging white Boomers are Obamamaniacs too. I haven’t seen anything like this in politics since 1968. Only this is better, because Barack is going to win, and he’s got secret service protection.

    I put the final delegate count tonight at closer to 845-833 Obama. That’s based on raw state totals only, except for here in Minnesota, where I do have district level totals and find that it’s going to split 48-24 Obama, matching the 67%-32% overall percentage.

  2. I should also mention that one of my neighbors here in rural Minnesota is a dairy farmer and life-long Republican. His wife is an Australian recently naturalized citizen, participating in her first US election. She was at (at least) 3 Obama house parties, so I was not suprised when she showed up to caucus for Barack. But, lo and behold, who should walk in with her? The husband, the lifelong GOPer, coming over to caucus for Obama.

    That’s the reason we MUST win, and the reason we WILL win. Nobody, but nobody, can bring this country together like Obama can.

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