and the walls came tumbling down..


Two faced, fraud man Mitt Romney is gone..can you give me a hell yeah..HELL YEAH!!!

I know, I know he’s not gone forever but I’m still going to relish the fact that he spent 35 million and got nothing, except maybe name recognition for that sum.. 35 million of his own money and HE GOT NOTHING!!! LOL>>LOL>>

You know I don’t normally relish in a person’s failure because I believe that failure is relative and even when it’s clearly defined as such you can still garner enormous quantities of valuable information from your mistakes. 

However Mitt Romney’s case is different I don’t begrudge him his faith, his money or even his issues. I am who I am and he’s who he is in that respect but I do not or cannot respect any individual who changes his mind about a particular issue and than wants to crucify others for believing what he once believed, to me and millions of others obviously that’s the height of hypocrisy and I also question his sincerity on the issues of particular importance to the GOP.

It seems he ‘converted’ to their way of thinking at just the right time in order to start running for president and it based on his past history it seems that Mitt Romney always says what he thinks people want to hear instead of what he truly believes.

Mike Huckabee and John Mccain for all my disagreements with them on the issues are true to themselves and their country first and to their party second. Romney never seems to be true to anything not even himself.

And that is why he failed because he could never convey an effective message because he had none and the one that he did have his economic ‘genius’ was packaged in a way that instead of rallying people actually did quite the opposite it turned them off..

Whatever possessed Mitt Romney this election cycle is sure to resurface sometime in the near future, probably in 2012 but I do hope that he’s learned a lesson and that when we do see him again we see an entirely different man and not the two faced hypocrite who can’t get along with his teammates that we’ve all grown to hate this election cycle.

 As for Clinton loaning her campaign 5 million dollars all I have to say is..well, well, well.. if things are that bad for her now imagine what they are going to be like in a few weeks after a series of Obama wins.

Ain’t it funny how one year can make such a BIG difference? Last year she raising millions in a few hours now she has to loan herself money…I have to say the writing, although still quite a bit vague may suddenly be appearing on the wall..


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