With Obama on a roll Hillary is pulling out all the stops will it be enough?

With Obama winning caucuses and primaries in Louisiana, Washington, US Virgin Islands, Maine and Nebraska as well as a Grammy..yes a grammy for best spoken word album this weekend and with another expected sweep of  the Potomac primaries which include the states of Maryland and Virginia and the District of Columbia this Tuesday-Obama has scared the living daylights out of the Clinton campaign.

Before Super Tuesday, Clinton was the inevitable nominee she had nothing to prove all she had to do was give the appearance of a race between her and the other candidates and by February 5th the nomination would be hers.

That has all changed.

Now she has to fight tooth and nail for every single vote and every single delegate against a qualified, charismatic, energetic, well funded opponent with a great message who’s winning primaries, winning voters and delegates and is poised to take the nomination from her.

Hillary and her staff have seen the writing on the wall and they intend to pull out all the stops.

She has responded to the gas slowly running out of the Clinton campaign machine by contributing five million dollars of  her own to the campaign not just because she needed it but to show prospective donors that she has faith in her ability to win so they can go ahead and donate too, she’s reorganized her top campaign staff by replacing Patti Solis Doyle with her former White House chief of staff Maggie Williams and last but not least she’s reinventing her message well kinda of she’s no longer portraying herself as the inevitable candidates although she is still running on the same issues and same agenda she’s now the underdog against Obama well that’s what her hubby says..I don’t know how that happened but she’s now the one who has to come from behind to win..OMG..LOL..

I don’t know if her top staff thinks this will be enough for her to win the nomination and I’m sure they’ve got plenty of tricks up their sleeves but they’ve got to try everything between now and the Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries in March and this is part of their strategy since February is going to be filled with a whole bunch of loses.

You know if they aren’t careful they are going to be running on an empty tank before the end of the month while Obama will be coasting along on cruise control.



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