Why is Huckabee still in this thing and what does he want?


Mike Huckabee is still in this thing and according to him he’s in it until John McCain gets the required delegates1,191 to win the nomination.

Now, I like Mike Huckabee..yes I am a liberal but I’m an honest liberal..lol and if you’re honest you have to admit the guy is quite likable. He doesn’t seem angry. He’s hasn’t played dirty to win his delegates or the nomination and he knows how to convey a message, the message doesn’t resonate with me at all but he knows how to get people to listen and you can’t take that away from him.

But with all his great assets and all his supporters in the South Huckabee has got to know that he’s not going to win the nomination so why is he testing John McCain’s patience like this?

Is he bucking for a VP slot? Maybe he might be a natural choice for McCain to appease the conservative base of the GOP who detest him but will that combination really work I don’t think so but you never know stranger things have happened.

Is he setting himself up for a run in 2012? Now that is also a possibility 2008 will prove to be a very good year for him even if he doesn’t get a VP nod he has gained national name recognition, the allegiance and solidarity of a critical base in his party so if he does run in 2012 he wouldn’t be considered a nobody but a serious contender unlike 2008.

But you know I think the real reason he’s sticking around is because he loves the attention.

Now most politicians probably do but there’s attention and then there’s ATTENTION.

Before Super Tuesday Huckabee had to share the spotlight with Mitt Romney and before that a bunch of other people but now he has it all to himself even though John McCain is the front runner most people are concerned about what Huckabee is doing and what he’s up too instead of focusing on the the front runner John McCain, it’s on Huckabee.

What he’s saying? Where he’s going? Who he’s talking too? etc..etc.. the guy was on NBC’s Meet the Press this past Sunday!  

And Huckabee is enjoying every single moment of it he’s laughed and talked his way into being a contender and although ultimately the numbers wouldn’t come out on his side he’s still here and as long as he remains the spotlight will continue to shine on him and his activities and he will milk the cow for all it’s worth just like John Edwards.

Now that’s an entirely different blog…


2 thoughts on “Why is Huckabee still in this thing and what does he want?

  1. I do not believe Huckabee is a good choice for McCain to make as a running mate. Huckabee is NOT a Conservative in the manner I think of a Conservative. I am a Conservative and Huckabee’s practices as Governor of Arkansas do not strike me as the form of Government I prefer.
    1) He increased the size of government
    2) He raised taxes higher than Bill Clinton did. I know he cut some but the net efect was a raise.
    3) He was investigated and fined for misuse of public funds/equipment.

    A better choice would be Hunter, Sanford or DeMint in my opinion.


  2. I think I can have some insight as a Huckabee supporter. I think he is sincere as to anything can happen. No doubnt he would want to be on a shortlist for VP perhaps if the nominaton did not pan out. Plus as you say there is 2012 so all the above.

    However does the inner circle of the McCain campaign really object? I mean the media tells us it is bad for Mccain but is it? As soon as Huckabee is out it is the Obama/HIllary show 24/7. McCain and the GOP is out of the spot light. THe media would like to do this no doubt . Mostly because they did notbudget for such a long contest on either side and it is eating into the bottom line.

    However Huckabee will jazz up the social conservatives and McCain needs that. BEcause those folks are the ones that do the grunt work in campaigns besides just voting. HUckabee will bring them over and be a good vote getting surrogate for McCain in the future. So why McCain mught take some bumps long term it is a good thing for him.

    So it is all the above to what you say.

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