What will Clinton do now that ‘Obama mania’ has swept the nation?



I must say that after tonight’s results  I really do not see Hillary Clinton winning the democratic nomination.

How can she?

How can she retool her national message of experience to compete with Obama’s universal message of hope?

How can she compete with the droves of people young, old, black, white, men, women, rich, poor, republican and democrat that are flocking to Obama’s campaign? She has women and only barely..

How can she rest her hopes on Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania does she think these states will help her to top Obama? Isn’t this a lot like putting all your eggs in one basket just like the ultimate loser Rudy Giuiliani? She will do just that and who knows she could win all three and ultimately the nomination but how will she do it?

Will she turn to Bill and ask him to step up his attacks on Obama or will she do it herself?

Will she try to best Obama in the debates?

Will she go after Mccain more to show that it’s the two of them while at the same time sidelining Obama?

Will she step up her advertising in the three remaining big states for her Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania?

Is she going to lean even harder on the remaining uncommitted super delegates and force many of them to make a choice before the convention?

And don’t forget about money..if you’re going to want a favor from Hillary come ’09 you’re going to have to pony up more dough now or you’re never, ever going to hear from the Clintons again.

So, you can bet your bottom dollar that Clinton is going to do all of these things and then some all I can say is the next three weeks are going to be extremely, extremely interesting cause Clinton isn’t going down without a fight and if she and her staff can pull of a convincing win on March 4th in Texas and Ohio after a slew of losses this month it will be one for the record books and I’m sure Hillary is saying to herself right now, ” Too bad bad Karl Rove is a Republican..”


2 thoughts on “What will Clinton do now that ‘Obama mania’ has swept the nation?

  1. DEBATE? She backed out of one on MSNBC
    Let me see if I understand this:the Clinton camp is essentially ignoring the Wisconsin primary in favor of Texas,but wants to gain points for a non-inexistent debate in Wisconsin?
    Hill win, we all lose…..I do not like her brand of old mudslinging politics and dragging others down in the mud with her…..she sure plays dirty when she is not crying about something to get votes…..
    Clinton refused to debate in NY when she was running for Sen., but I guess that’s ok since no rules seem to apply to her (i.e. Michigan and Fla., not debating, etc.) She just wants free TV time because her campaign’s in trouble. How can she run the country when she can’t even run a campaign? Barack has already proven by his campaign alone that he can bring people together. The people’s voices are being heard and not the voices of Clinton’s special interest groups and lobbyists. Go Barack!!!
    35 years….Experience yada yada,…..but tell me this. If Hillary is such a master politician please explain how she ran a simple election campaign 5 million dollars in the red?? Put everything else aside then answer that without the hate.
    For the record, I used to be a Clinton supporter.

  2. We don’t need Ohio, Texas, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia to get to the White House. The Hillary campaign has run a hard race to the White House and we don’t intend to let Ohio or Texas or any minority states stand in our way reguardless of their vote. We have already won the big states and we intend to invoke hole heartedly the votes of Florida. We tried to win the supporters of John Edwards. Unfortunately we did not win the supporters of John Edwards, but as you can see we didn’t need them to win the big states and we will not need them in the future to win the White House. The Clinton campaign started this race as winners, favored to be in the white house because we are not trying to change the face of america nor it’s foundation our pass leaders worked so hard to establish. We know what our opponent is trying to do and we can not let this happen. America is not broken, just our leadership. Everyone in america has been treated fair for over two hundred years and if they are unhappy with their current status or the economy then I’m sure they can find pleasure in being in america. When Senator Clinton is elected president she will address all issues of concern.

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