Mitt Romney endorsing McCain, well if cats and dogs can be friends anything is possible..


 I can’t say I didn’t see this coming just didn’t expect it to be so soon..I thought Mitt would let McCain sweat some more bullets over Mike Huckabee before he came over to his side but today at 4pm Mitt Romney is going to endorse McCain and he’s going to throw or ask for his delegates to be given to McCain.

Man I would’ve loved to have been in the room when they talked!

I’m sure Romney isn’t doing this from the goodness of his heart very few politicians do something for nothing and he sure isn’t that kind..fraud man only looks out for himself you can be sure. Some have been speculating that he’s doing this for the VP position but I really can’t see a McCain-Romney ticket that might appease some conservatives but I don’t think ‘real bible belt conservatives’ the ones that McCain needs in order to win would take kindly to him choosing Romney over Huckabee and to me that’s going to be the million dollar question who McCain and Obama choose as their running mates.

Anyway, I think Romney is doing this so he can say in the future, 2012 is just around the corner people, that he put the party first ahead of his own personal dislike of McCain and his liberal tendencies’ and the foresight that he was going to fail (if he doesn’t win the presidency) or succeed in order to garner some points and continue to be in favor with the conservatives and the party establishment and all powerful for doing it, God his fradulent behavior has no end does it?


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