Pakistan, Cuba, Venezuela and freedom..

All in the same sentence I wonder if he’s thinking about going to war with all of the same time?

And he is still attacking Obama about some of his positions on foreign policy including one where Obama says he would be willing to sit down with those who are now considered our ‘enemies’…you know he has to attack the top dog if he doesn’t he wouldn’t be John McCain.


3 thoughts on “Pakistan, Cuba, Venezuela and freedom..

  1. You do know you do not have to be an ‘unapologetic liberal’ to not be a warmonger or a fear-monger.

    There is a large portion of us freedom minded rational individuals who dislike big government, that have the forethought not to declare war and threaten anyone who disagrees with us.


  2. I would urge you to look closer into Congressman Ron Paul’s views. Don’t get me wrong, he is not a viable candidate for president, nor am i trying to sway your vote in the presidential election. I am however, suggesting you read up on his constitutional views and compare the glaring similarities between his ‘true’ republican beliefs and that of Senator Obama.

    True Americans should not embrace partisanship on any level rather join together an force our government to obey its own laws.

    I would hope you would at least give what I am saying a chance.


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