John Kerry loves Obama..


I can’t believe what an ardent and knowledgable supporter John Kerry is of Obama!

Listen to him on CNN, he’s the best spokesman/surrogate for Obama I’ve heard so far…him and Senator Claire McCaskill.

I really would love to know the ‘real reason’ behind HIM supporting Obama over Clinton…


One thought on “John Kerry loves Obama..

  1. I agree. I heard John Kerry the other night and he speaks eloquently on behalf of Obama – actually better than he did for himself.

    I reacall Kerry’s campaign VERY WELL …and was very disappointed that he did not stirke back at the underhanded, disgraceful “SWIFT BOYS” attack (…actually, was it the Swift Boat people or something of the sort? BOYS works for me – lol)

    John Kerry – a war hero – ….he should have gotten far more support.

    And McCaskill….when I read your comments…I thought I had written them.

    I have spoken of her often since I followed her somewhat when she was campaigning for Senator (Missouri). I truly admired her – she’s a very intelligent and strong lady – and she could handle any debate. Even Rush Limbaugh tried to take a shot, but without success. I was SO HAPPY to see her endorse Obama after being encouraged by her own daughter. Obama is in good hands on this one.

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