The goal posts keep shifting as they always do….


I understand the premise of never underestimating the Clintons and in particular Hillary Clinton.

Whenever they have been counted out they have come back bigger, harder and stronger..what was Bill Clinton known as? the comeback kid.

So, it is quite understandable why people have been hesitant to count them out but before today it was said that she needed to win both Ohio and Texas to stay in the race, even her own husband said as much, in the last few days it has changed to she only needs ONE to stay in the race. I haven’t heard it yet but I’m waiting to hear some prominent Clinton surrogate or supporter or a t.v commentator suggest or state that she doesn’t need to win any more primaries or caucuses instead all she needs to do in order to secure the nomination is to keep raising money and collecting super delegates, show up at the convention in August and the nomination is hers!

I’m serious, every week the Clintons are allowed to determine the finishing line instead of it being determined for them however as ridiculous as this is, IT IS necessary.

As the goal posts have shifted and the touch down line pushed further and further back Obama has risen to the challenge each and every time readjusted his game plan and has kept on playing because in the end Obama even more so than any other candidate has to be seen as winning this race fair and square and with the Clintons playing as hard and fierce as they have in the end it just makes his story even more epic.

And for that story to become that of legend he needs to keep running the hurdles and jumping through hoops in order to become the legitimate Democratic presidential nominee and ultimately the first black president in US history.

I just wonder that if the shoe was on the other foot would Obama have been allowed so many chances my guess is no he wouldn’t but then again life isn’t fair so why should we expect a presidential campaign to be..

***As usual I will be live blogging the results tonight..join me,’s going to be a long one I can’t do it alone….lol***


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