Clinton people don’t mind do-overs but they have to be primaries but of course…


Terry Mcauliffe, Clinton’s campaign chairman wants Michigan and Florida delegates to count and it they are ‘do overs’ he wants them to be primaries and not caucuses well of course he does right.. he gave some BS excuse that primaries allow people more time to vote and that they are easier for people to get too…lol..!!

Man, the Clinton people aren’t just throwing the kitchen sink, they are throwing the sink, all the plumping even the whole damn kitchen but I’m willing to put my neck on the block and say that if there is a do over in Michigan Hillary will  NOT win!

She only won in Michigan because the voters knew that their votes didn’t count and frankly didn’t care now that they have seen that their votes can and could make or break the nomination they aren’t going to back her and that’s with or without Detroit!


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